WonderBoy's Favorite Pursuits

WonderBoy Camo
WonderBoy just loves anything camoflage or army.
He’ll play with his army men for hours on end creating elaborate battle scenes that can span a room or two, may require the dismantling of sofa cushions or the rolling up of carpets and always require keeping Sweetie Pie far away from the scene.
He'll call me in every few minutes to survey whether I can tell who the good guys are, who the bad guys are or who won the battle.
Often I’ll be cooking, folding laundry or working on the computer and I’ll turn around with a start to find that I am being “guarded” by one of his men.


Anyone who knows WonderBoy knows that staying focused on one thing or sitting still in one place just isn’t his strong suit (actually, that’s putting it mildly as normal for him is a state of perpetual motion) but when it comes to his army men…well, he gets lost in fantasy, like countless generations of little boys before him.

(Being that he is also a huge Star Wars fan, I do spy the occasional stray Clone Trooper, Chicken Walker or Battle Droid thrown into the battle mix when I'm called to assess, however, I suspend my disbelief as this is, after all, his fantasy and who can beat the lasers those guys wield!)

These are the moments I will always cherish... watching my little boy still revel in chasing little boy pursuits!


  1. Awww...don't you love boys?! Love how the army men protect you...LOL
    Stunning image of your handsome son. You are getting so good Dita!

  2. What a great picture Dita.....he is so handsome!!

    The more I read about Wonderboy, the more I keep telling myself we need to get our two boys together.....so much in common:)

    Looking forward to the long weekend...WHOO HOOO!!

    I will ring you today:)

  3. Oh, how I love WB! He's going to be a heartbreaker one day ;-)

  4. Dita, I love the photo's. Wish you could teach me how you do those tricks!
    Beautiful photo's of your handsome boy capturing the ties that will bring him back one day remembering his boyhood.

    Hope your Holiday is a wonderful one with your beautiful family!
    Hugs, ♥