Open Sesame

JRR Looking Up Phone

I finally got an iPhone for my birthday last month after years of waiting.
I really love it but my little Sweetie is absolutely addicted to all the great preschool games
I downloaded for her.
The problem is, she won't let me anywhere near it when she's around.

So I had to get tough and put a password on it.
When there's about 10 seconds of inactivity, the phone requires a password to unlock.
It definitely set the ground rules and she quickly understood that my allowing her to use
my iPhone is a privilege and its not one of her toys.

JRR Open Sesame Yellow Boots

The other day I allowed her play with it as I was getting us ready for school and work.
When I left the room she must have become distracted for a minute and put the phone down.

When she went back to it; it was locked.
She came to the door of my room and, thinking nothing of it,
she said, "Mom, I need the password."

I told her that the whole point of a password is that its a secret and
I couldn't divulge it to her.
She was not at all happy about it and was determined to get her way.
She was not taking no for an answer.

She left my room and laid on her bed with the locked phone in hand.

I could hear her talking...at first very quietly, then it grew progressively louder.
When I peeked my head around the corner toward her room to hear what she was saying,
I saw her staring intently at the phone....that's when I finally made it out.....

Open Sesame, OPEN Sesame, OPEN SESAME!!!!!

JRR Leg Over Phone
*See those cute little bumblebee boots?
They have a matching umbrella and raincoat that all belonged to WonderBoy almost 10 years ago.
I always knew one day I'd have another sweetheart and just couldn't part with them!


  1. What a hoot!!! It must have been a shock to her that she didn't havwe the power to open that toy....i mean...your iphone. That is too funny!!

    How I love that you hung onto those boots (and umbrella and coat). (And adorable btw.) How could there not be a "Sweetie" in your life. With a heart as big as yours - there just had to be more than one.

    Love the color co-ordinated band-aid. Hope she (and your big sweetie) are doing better.

    Love you!!!

  2. You got an Iphone....I don't even know enough about them to be totally jealous.

    My phone rings and people talk and then hang up; and I'm old enough to still be thrilled to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere without a cord.

    I hope everyone is feeling better over there; you are in my thoughts.


  3. An iPhone?! You lucky girl!!! I'm making do with my iTouch because I don't want to change providers, but what fun I would have with an iPhone :) SP is too funny...Open Sesame! Ha! I wish it were simple!

  4. Oh she is SO CUTE!! I love these shots of her on her beautiful bed wearing those sweet boots.....so glad you saved them!!

    LOL....did she really say "open sesame"? She is a chip off the old block I tell ya!

    You are a better Mom than I.... my Iphone is off limits to the kids and they know it.

    Can't wait to see you this weekend. We could all use a day of fun!!! It's just what the dr ordered:)

    Counting the days~



  5. That just might be the cutest thing EVER! BTW, " Can you type in the password?" is the story of my life right now. When Gene needs the password for his computer I have to walk up the stairs. Sometimes it's 10+ times a day. My legs and butt get sore! LOL

  6. I am getting an Iphone today....good grief I hope I can figure it out! lol

    Open Seasame....that is absolutely hysterical.....

    I bet you cave and give her password in about a week! lol


  7. Open Sesame : )
    I love it. And the boots?
    SHUT up! They are the absolute sweetest! : )
    I love that you saved them. You are such a great Mama!
    Kaish puts all these games on mine too. I feel like I have a freaking gaming arcade at my fingertips and all I want is a keypad to dial : )