Coming out of Hibernation

It's been a LONG Winter 'round these parts.
Kids Snow Day 2011 Blog

It seemed to roll in rather innocuously, December came, as usual, with the requisite scurrying and planning for the holidays. We had lots of excitement at Christmas when one of our all-time favorite people arrived from Europe for two weeks to celebrate the holidays with us "American Style."

Christmas and New Year flew by in a blur though I have so many wonderful memories of this Christmas in the photos I took. I will be posting them here soon so if the thought of seeing Christmas pictures in March makes you weak in the knees......sheild your eyes!
I promised myself that I will get every stinkin' photo I wanted to post up on this blog by hook or by crook.....and, I am sorry to say, that includes some from last year that even go further back than Christmas (ahem...way further back!).
After all...its the finished product that I'm in it for here...a permanent memory that I (and my family) can go back and be reminded that living is in the every day...the little things that really are the big things and always remember just how wonderful life is and how blessed we truly are.

So without further ado...my master plan is to bring you up to speed with the current state of affairs in Ditaville, get back into a regular posting schedule (which I love to do and have missed terribly for a few months now) and along the way go back and sprinkle in the posts that have been keeping me up nights for about the past 9 months.
AND, on the subject of sleep, I have learned that sleep should NEVER be underrated.
Take it from someone who believed it was unimportant until it all caught up to me...
remember that when you wonder where I've been for months......I've been HIBERNATING!

January ReCap:
I don't remember much in January but I am sure I did lots.
I am pleading the 5th on January right now though
I do reserve the right to revisit my recollection any time I please.

February ReCap:
I wish I could forget lots of things that happened in February. Don't get me wrong...some good happened in February but since two of the Darlings were out of commission (yeah, that's 50% of us if you didn't do the math) for a bit in February I can't count February as a stellar month in 2011.
That's just a fact.

In mid-February, my sweet JR underwent cornea transplant surgery to replace his own cornea which had been severely damaged in an eye surgery he had in the 90's. He was amazing throughout the surgery (much braver than I would ever have been!). I was a basket case pretty much when I even thought of it
(Note to Self: do not watch cornea transplant surgery on you tube the evening before you bring husband for his surgery).
I remember sitting in the waiting room the day of his surgery and I noticed a guy get off the elevator with his lunch in a Coleman mini-cooler. A little while later another guy came with a cooler too and I thought to myself, wow, those guys eat a lot for lunch. It wasn't until the 3rd guy stepped out of the elevator with a cooler that I figured it out (remember, I told you sleep should not be underrated...I still hadn't caught up at that point). I realized how lucky we were to have been the recipients of generous strangers who selflessly donated their organs for others. JR and I have been registered organ donors for more than 15 years. I used to think of our promise to donate in a vaccuum. However, watching the progression from donation-to hand-to hand-to surgeons hand-to miraclously giving the gift of sight to another; to us, made me so grateful to be part of something so very special.

JR had a rough few days when his eye pressure rose and he got sick from the anesthesia at the same time. The perfect storm of those two factors caused some of the sutures around the new cornea to rupture and they had to be re-stitched.
After those difficult few days he was much better.
Here are some pictures of JR a few days post op.
The stitches he has around the iris where the cornea was placed are clear but can be seen when the light hits them. They are tailored perfection. I will get a nice shot of that and post it one day...amazing.
I cannot imagine the skill of a surgeon who can do perform such an operation. The sutures will stay in place for one year and then be removed believe it or not.
JR is not be able to lift anything over 15 lbs for another 2 months (therefore lifting me is OUT!) but other than that he has few restrictions.
His sight is improving every day and we are so incredibly grateful!

JR Eye Surgery Blog

We all had off for Presidents' Day weekend and spent a wonderful 3 days together.
Scratch that...let's say a wonderful 2.75 days together.
The last .25, well, not so wonderful but we were all together, thankfully.

My Sweetie is true to her moniker most of the time but when the moment strikes, this gal is as rambunctious as they come. She makes her brother look like an angel (...almost!!) She loves to cut up with him and the day is few and far between when she doesn't get slowed down by the speed bumps in a Toddler's World: skinned knees, a bump on the head, a bruise on the arm, you name it.
After all, it's not easy for a 3 year old little girl to keep up with an almost 12 year old boy who is growing in epic proportions.
WonderBoy is 134lbs now with a size 11.5 MEN'S shoe (he's got big paws!)
Sweetie is 34lbs soaking wet....my little delicate flower with the iron will (and roar) of a Grizzly when she 'wrassles' with her Bro.
Although intellect is on her side; physics are not.

However, that doesn't change the fact that there's lots of horsing around here between the two, like most siblings. On this particular Monday evening, WonderBoy was not in the mood to have his baby sister choking him at his neck from behind as he sat on the floor playing his video game. He told her to get off, as did I, and then he moved sharply to the right just at the exact moment that Sweetie moved left and simultaneously let go of his neck. She tumbled off (only about a foot since he was on the floor and she was standing behind him with her arms around his neck) after she lost her balance.
She landed squarely with her head on the drawer pull of the dresser situated right next to them.
Yep, metal drawer pulls....
take a tip from me...they should never come in contact with one's forehead...it ain't pretty.

As those of you who know us KNOW....we've been down the road of forehead incidents with Sweetie before back in June of 2009. She was only 21 months old when Incident #1 occurred.
Click HERE to see that post.
(beware it includes a gory before photo taken with my cell phone)

Ironically, I had just mentioned to JR that very weekend how fantastic her forehead had healed in the year and a half or so since she injured it. I wish I never opened my big mouth.
Here is a Before and After of Incident #1....40 stitches inside and out.
Miraculous result if I do say so myself:

JRR Head I Before and After

and here is a Before and Before photo of Incident #2
(unfortunately the After will have to wait another 18 months!)
Voila......25 stitches inside and out.

JRR Head II Before and After

I've said it before and I say it again...with complete first hand knowledge.....
This plastic surgeon may have even been better than the last one.
Sweetie had her sutures removed a week ago yesterday and I cannot believe how well she is healing after only two short weeks.
The plastic surgeon who did the work this time credits the fact that Sweetie's first injury healed so well with our diligence (read: fanaticism) in aftercare.
I massaged the area every single night to avoid adhesions and the area NEVER saw the light of day for nearly a year. Sunlight (or any UV Rays even on rainy days, for that matter) is the kiss of death to a great healing result. I researched it and made a pact with JR that we were going to do everything we could to try to restore our daughter's beautiful skin to as natural a state as possible.
Sweetie was the undisputed Miss Northeast Toddler BandAid Princess.
A glance back at this blog from July 2009 on bears that out.

And so...(insert applause here and raise curtain...)
I give you.......the Return of the Adventures of Bandaid Girl!
We're stocked up (and were the very lucky recipents of BandAid love from two of our Besties!) and ready to rumble.

JRR Head II Lips Red Couch

We are so grateful that our daughter's eye was not involved in either incident and pray we will never have to go to the hospital again for either of our children.

And so, there you have it...the NOT so good part of February.
Stay tuned for the good part in the next installment of As Dita's World Turns.
*Oh, and did I mention....its GREAT to be back! *


  1. Well when you put it like that....I guess it is understandable why you've been gone so long.

    Your beautiful family, wonderful words and loving spirit have been sorely missed, Welcome back.

    Love Valerie

  2. So glad you're back!!! Your little Sweetie looks so adorable with the lips bandaid in place. Can't wait to catch up on the rest of what's been happening in your world.


  3. What is up with the stitches lately in the Northeast?
    Love the plastic comment!! :)

    Just catching up on you and your busy beautiful world!!!

    The pics are fabulous!!!!!!!


  4. You've had a rough few weeks is an understatement! But I'm so glad the Darlings are doing ok...boo boo's and all. And that you're back to blogging! I've missed you! And me thinks Mama Darling needs a day off to hang with her favorite girl....just saying! See you soon (i hope!).

  5. ...and it's more that GREAT to have you back. (YAH.....DITA'S GOT HER GROOVE BACK!!!!)

    Love this re-cap, though I knew the details, I always love hearing your "voice" in the written word.

    LOVE that bandaid. Oh, what fun it will be to see the assortment - though they're the result of something that should never happen. (And the last image is gorgeous you know.)

    Sending the whole Dita gang a huge, loving hug from all of us!!!!

  6. Oh my...... Dita.... big hug to you all! I hope your are all safe and well by now. Poor little Sweetie and her mama! I just can't imagine for either of you. So thankful she is ok and her Daddy too!
    God bless you all,

  7. I am so sorry that this happened again. I couldn't believe it when I read it on facebook! I have been keeping her in my thoughts.