March Madness: Snow!!

After a glorious weekend of sunshine and near balmy temperatures we were hit with yet another taste of winter....
SNOW at the end of March!

When my little Sweetie saw the snow as we walked out the door she was absolutely amazed.

Because of the snow?
Well, kinda....but she seemed a bit more over the top than a blast of snow might warrant (especially since she's seen it so much this winter).
It wasn't long before I found out exactly why....

JRR Mach Madness Snow Frames

She quickly squealed with delight...SANTA'S coming!
I spent the entire ride to school managing her expectations
for the Easter Bunny and not the Big Man!

Spring is coming.....I just know it!


  1. heehee...too cute! :D We woke up to snow as well...after our a/c was on earlier in the week. Just crazy!

    The look on your Sweetie Pie's face was worth the snow! :)

    John was heavy on my heart yesterday. It is my deepest hope that God is healing his eye!

    Love and blessings,

  2. Hahaha!!! That sweetie is too funny! Santa's coming...love that! I know the Easter Bunny comes bearing lots of goodies at your house, so I'm sure she won't be disappointed :)

  3. That's cute! You should see all of the snow we have here! It is un-real! I don't think we'll see spring here till at least end of April! :(

  4. SWEET. Glad you were able to divert the attention to the rabbit. A little less shopping for you. hehe

    Love these sweet cpatures. (And the framing - you techie you!)

    love you!

  5. How can you stand her cuteness?! Her beauty is STUNNING in that first shot. WOW!