Black and White Wednesday: Couples Weekend in NYC

These two Texan love birds flew into town to celebrate
a long St. Patrick's Day weekend in New York City.

Derek Marla Love Birds Blog It

On Friday night, JR* and I met Marla and Derek smack dab in the middle of Times Square.

We took them for a whirlwind NYC tour though the City on our way downtown
for a wonderful evening of tapas, sangria and lots of laughter.

There were only two things missing that night...
and luckily they showed up on Saturday afternoon!
GMT Friends

These two couples share a very special bond of friendship.
Not only do they have a slew of gorgeous kids between them;
one child in particular, Baby Reagan, prompted Marla to leave her 4 children (and her hunky husband)
for 2 whole weeks to travel across the world with Lisa to China to bring Lisa's daughter home!

JR and I have been fortunate to spent lots of time with Lisa, Pat and even with Marla
but this was the first time we met Derek in the flesh.
(and the first time Pat and Lisa met him too!)

Take if from me....the man did NOT disappoint!
Derek and Girls

Oh what fun we had together.

The weather was unseasonably gorgeous making it a great day to just walk around and explore.
Watching Perfect Pat, Dynamite Derek and my own Hot Colombian (HC as Marla has dubbed him) together had us scratching our heads wondering if perhaps they were long lost frat brothers.
(Cherries anyone?)

The playful, easy way they interacted seemed as if they'd known one another for years.
There's no question our "boys" could get in quite a bit of trouble together.

I hope they don't decide to do a guy's weekend 'cause I don't think we'll be able to afford the bail!
GMT Tavern

We ate and drank ourselves silly (not necessarily in that order)
and though there's no doubt we all adore our children;

I truly don't remember us speaking about the kids at all.
We had so much fun together as couples....just what the doctor ordered for all of us.
i Tre Merli

And, if you need proof of that...it is evidenced by the fact that even Lisa barely took out her camera (a real first!) and told us to put ours away!

(Yeah, lucky for YOU I didn't listen!)
Lisa Bottles Talk to the Hand Blog It

Our sweet friends from Texas and Pennsylvania are back home but we will remember this weekend as the very special one it was....until the next time!

Derek Marla Love Birds Blog It

It's Black and White Wednesday!

To see more of our NYC weekend and some wonderful images from
so many fantastic photographers,
click on over to

the long road
*Special shout out to JR for being such a good sport and joining us both nights despite the issues he's had with his eye this past month. He told me he wouldn't have missed it for anything!


  1. Sounds like amazing weekend and I can see trouble with those three men....! Great pictures I'm glad you took out your camera! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. OH BOY...I feel like I was right there. Whooping it up with you! I LOVE this re-cap and am so glad you ignored Lisa's suggestion and spun your magic.

    So you think it's JUST the boys who would get into trouble. Hmmmm......???

    So glad to see JR right in the thick of it. Hot is the operative word - especially with those shades.

    Love you girl. Next time is my turn!!!

  3. Oh, I am SO glad you had this time with them! How fun! And Marla's husband? Oh, my. (But don't tell my husband I said that. And maybe possibly not Marla either. *grin*)

  4. Holy big butt Batman and those wrinkles, good grief!!! Hahaha!!! What would we have done without our super fabulous tour guide/photographer/NYC expert on this trip?!?! I can't thank y'all enough for everything, it was a total blast and a good time that we won't soon forget. Next time, we'll be happy to host, so y'all just come on down here where it's nice and warm and we'll pick up where we left off. I live NoHo ya know, we just pronounce it a bit different than y'all. ;)

    Give that HC a big hug from me, I hope we didn't wear his new cornea out too much.

    And TM, I saw that! :)

  5. Thanks for everything this past weekend, it was one of the best times I've ever had. It was great getting to actually meet you, the HC, Pat and Lisa and spend some quality time in the Big City. I hope we can all get together again sometime soon. I know Marla is ready to plan another trip to the great northeast!

  6. Oh Dita...your photos are amazing! I can tell that you guys must have had such a great time together. So glad to see your hubby was able to go along. I'm so happy you didn't listen to Lisa and took loads of fabulous photos. ;-)


  7. Wow, everything looks awesome! Food, drinks and really special friends in a very special city!


    PS. Your pictures are fabulous, just fabulous!

  8. Good food, good company and kid free?

    What more could you possibly ask for?

    Great pictures of wonderful memories.


  9. Great pictures of a fabulous weekend full of lifetime memories! Glad you had your camera out and snapping away!

  10. Glad you had a great time and had gorgeous weather on both occasions. I bet there was a lot of good conversation, food and cocktails flowing :)

  11. What a fabulous day with great friends!!! I'm happy you kept on snapping away Dita. These are all amazing shots. :)

    Um...you 3 have some very handsome husbands!

  12. Dita,

    I hope you'll visit Jane and me at our new place. It's new, it's small, and just what we needed :).

  13. I am so jealous.... we have been kid free (the second go-around) for about a total of 8 hours in the last 2.5 years! We sooooooo want to see NYC and what a perfect couples night out you all had!! You guys always have fun and do it right! So glad you took some pictures even if there are precious few of you!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  14. I am glad I waited to make my rounds this week.... reading your post and Marla's is making me re live our weekend!! I would have done anything to do it again....we had SO MUCH FUN!!!

    LOL @ the cherries...... even though I told you to stop taking pictures, I am glad you ignored me. You know I just hate being on the otherside of the lens!!

    Pat and I had a complete BLAST..... more fun than we have had in months. Thanks to you, JR, Marla, and Derek..... hope we get to do it again very soon!!

    Luv Ya~


    PS. We just had dinner and I could go for something sweet.... Nutella Pizza anyone?

  15. Looks like you guys had a great time, I may have to join you next time!

  16. You did an AMAZING job with this post. The pictures are perfect and your words added the perfect touch. It truly looked like a fantastic time!