My Sweet Pirate

This is the face of my Sweet Pirate.

JR Pirate Horizontal

I'd be fine if I knew that he was sportin' this pirate patch as part of a Halloween costume.

But, he's not.

Unfortunately JR developed a very, very bad infection in the eye that underwent a cornea transplant just 5 weeks ago. This is rare, according to the doctor, but not unheard of. If left unresolved it could lead to permanent loss of vision. It is very complicated and he is undergoing lots of antibiotics and poking and prodding.

We have been going to the doctor every day for a week (weekends included) to try to get this infection under control. The doctor has told us that this could take many weeks, even months to resolve and, unfortunately, could compromise the success of the corneal transplant. We are hoping and praying for the best.

JR Pirate 2 Pictures

JR has been such a trooper through it all.

I cannot even tell you how it breaks my heart to see him in any discomfort at all.....and when I look at his beautiful eyes I just know that somehow, some way, this is all going to get better.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this. He will be in my prayers. He does look amazingly handsome in his eye patch though. :)

  2. Yes my love - it will get better. And we'll be praying for that to happen fast.

    Give that handsome (pirate) boy a big 'ol hug from us!!!


  3. I'm so sorry to hear about JR :( I pray that he will heal soon. But in the meantime, I think he's giving Jack Sparrow (if you don't know who that is, ask WB!) a run for his money ;o) Big Hugs to JR! Or better yet, one of these I'll swing over and give him a big hug myself, along with the rest of the Darling crew!

  4. So sorry Dita, it's hard watching someone we love in pain. I will pray for you husband.

  5. oh dear. I know this can be very serious.

    He looks very handsome though.


  6. He is too handsome for words! Patch or no patch! Hoping the seriousness will soon pass and his eyes are healthy again.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  7. Praying for complete healing....I'm sure he is worried....so thankful he has you!


  8. that's awful. but he does look cool! ;) i hope he gets better asap.

  9. Sending you loads of prayers for a speedy recovery.


  10. I am going to be praying all weekend. I am so sorry that he is having these problems. Watching the ones we love suffer is the worst. Heartbreaking.

    Your pirate is all kinds of hot. ; )

    Praying. Praying. Praying.

  11. I'm sure the prayer hotline is ringing off the hook in heaven for the wonderful JR to heal fully, quickly and with no side effects.

    Meanwhile, the man knows how to work a patch, I may have to buy one of those for my own enjoyment...where does one get a JR?

    Love Valerie

  12. It is hard to get the full impact of this when he just looks so dashingly handsome . . . . (okay I'm focusing here :) )

    Ouch. and this does sound scary. I will definitely be praying for your pirate. great photos by the way!

    had to laugh after typing my comment I read through the comments - I see everyone is mentioning the handsomeness of your JR :)

    xo ellie

  13. Oh, Dita, I didn't know! I hope he heals quickly and completely.

  14. I hope all is well and he is healing nicely! I'm so sorry.