Special Treat

I'm not a soda drinker.
Never was.
The only time we ever had soda in our house
when I was growing up was for parties.
On my father's to do list before each event
was pick up soda from the local soda vendor.

He'd bring home 2 (sometimes 3) cases from a local mom and pop (punny!) shop
filled with all our favorites:
Kola (with a K), Orange, Birch Beer, Half and Half, Wild Cherry,
Lemon-Lime (it was a green color, not like Sprite or Mountain Don't),
and who could forget Cream!

They were in glass bottles that we'd have to return the following week
under penalty of...well, of something.

And when the party was done...the soda was gone
until the next time.

My mother's no soda mandate from way back actually saved our teeth and
we all know now, proved to be a much healthier approach.

Since I never acquired a taste for soda on a regular basis,
I carry the same mandate in my own house today.

Special Occasion = Soda
Occasion Over= Soda Gone

Surprise, Surprise...WonderBoy pushes the limit on this
almost every time we go grocery shopping.
(He doesn't win but he is a persistent little bugger!)

The other evening while out at our favorite sushi joint,
we had the opportunity to try Japanese Soda.

Lemme tell you, I'm a marketing sucker; hook, line and sinker!

This soda made such an impression I let both kids
have 2 bottles each (EACH!) at dinner.

It wasn't that it tasted so different from most soda I have tried,
its that it was packaged in the coolest way.

It comes in glass bottles and you need to peel the plastic shell from the top of the bottle.
Once you do that, you uncover a plastic lid with a plunger that you punch out for use as a tool.

By doing this, you've exposed the top of the bottle which is plastic and
has a clear round marble in it.
(it kinda looks like a roll-on lip gloss with a ball/marble in the neck that doesn't come out.)

You line up the plunger over the marble and give the plunger a pop with an open hand
and BAM....the "marble" shoots into the soda and
creates carbonation inside the bottle.

At $2.50 a "pop" (excuse the pun) at dinner, I was enthralled
but $10 on 4 sodas hurt my inner Thrify Girl.

Since then, I was on a mission.

On Sunday, WonderBoy, Sweetie and I set off
with two of our best buddies in search of our booty.



We found the mother ship of Cool Japanese Sodas (and exploding gum, but that's for another post!)

We bought one in every flavor...actually, we bought MANY in every flavor.
And, at $1.39 each; we're stocked up for the next several special occasions!


(look closely and you'll see the marble just below the neck of the bottle, it can't come out because the top has a smaller diameter)

Now I can't say that it'll give you "wings" but I can say that WonderBoy told us after his special treat he felt like he was on top of the world!


I actually had to number and keep a running tab (sign out list) of these sweet treats
or my little Soda Monster would devour them in a day!
At last count there were 9 left in the garage refrigerator!

If you have the opportunity to try one, don't pass it up.
Marketing Genius and Sugary Yumminess at its finest!


  1. Well I guess a marble in the bottom is bette than a worm or scorpian, being so much closer to Mexico or influences are obviosly differnt.

    If you put a tooth in a liter of ccoa cola ovrniht,rumor has it that is will desolve.

    Iced tea and Iced coffe for this girl.

  2. Oohh, they are pretty! Our local Asian market has all kinds of really cool looking products that I am too scared to buy.

  3. Those look really yummy! My hubby is a big Coke Zero lover. I can take it or leave it. We really didn't drink too much soda when we were growing up either. Must have grown up during the same time frame. :-)

    What a great picture of your son. Love that city!

  4. Sounds interesting! I think you sold me on this soda. Though where I live they have absolutely nothing and you cant find anything "cool" here but I'm going to check!

    We don't buy soda either at our house. My kids actually still like milk! lol

  5. Lol! This is why Japan is on my wanderlist! Too many cool things to try, including Bubble Tea. That you'll have to try! And they just started serving some at a local spot too ;o)

  6. Love the rainbow of colors...beautiful. And so creative of the makers of this soda. I'm a soda drinker as an adult but we also didn't have it in our home growing up (except for special occasions). We have some wise mamas I believe!

    Love the pics of WB!!!

  7. Very cool post - a marketing sucker, maybe - a marketing genius, definately!!

    Must try and find these. I love the marble idea, so great for kiddie parties.

    Great picture of JR "on top of the world". Has he grown a foot in the past few months?

    (btw - I'm packing now - trying to squeeze everything I can into that "stewardess" size bag. haha - First dips on the front seat babe.)


  8. Wow...that looks like some fun pop and I know my kids would LOVE it! How fun and unique would that be for a birthday party?

    YOU are the marketing genius! WB is the perfect model! :) SO handsome!!! Are the girls calling yet?

    And...I'm ashamed to admit...we are sodaholics over here...BAD! And I've got the bad teeth to prove it. :(


  9. Very cool!!! We will have to go in search of these!!! My boys and Ava would love them!!!

    It was nice catching up on your blog it has been too long!!

  10. I love these pictures and I SO want to try that! Kaish will love it! I try to keep soda out of our house if at all possible. Gary loves Pepsi.

    You know what I love?