Black and White Wednesday: Fan Club

Last night as we were walking into one of our favorite restaurants
to meet my favorite sister,
I decided to snap some photos of the kids (big surprise, right)
along the beautiful stone entrance wall.

As I was looking through my lens and corralling my kids
I hear this thick, sexy Russian accent say,
"Are you always taking pictures?"

I immediately turned to see where it was coming from
and that's when I saw her...
Dita's Darling's

I laughed when she put her hand out introducing herself
thinking I wouldn't recognize her.
Her reputation precedes her.

She and my sister worked together for years and are very good friends.

I knew she was a big fan of my blog and I've heard the most amazing stories about this wild, beautiful Russian with a heart of gold
and a personality larger than life.

She came upon my blog last summer and has been an avid reader ever since.
I was so flattered when I spoke with her on the phone several months ago
and she knew every single post; every picture.
She told me she was in love with my kids and, of course, JR.

Well, as luck would have it, we finally met last night in the flesh,
completely by coincidence.

She did not disappoint!
I about fell off my barstool when I said I had to get home to edit for Black and White Wednesday in the morning and she said
"I know....Long Road to China! "
I was hysterical!

Yes, my Number One Fan...today IS Black and White Wednesday
and it's only fitting that the beautiful photos of YOU are front and center for today's post.

I give you the aptly named GG
(aka Gorgeous Grandma, a moniker her grandchildren have given her).


Gorgeous, indeed.
Grandma? I think not.

Let me tell you, she's more like Raquel Welch Eat Your Heart Out!
(here she is with my equally beautiful sister!)

Of course she and JR were instant buddies....
they told me it was the immigrant factor.
I had to pry them apart around 10pm to get the kids home to bed!


GG is a colorful character for sure....right down to her brand of cigarettes and taste in jewelry.

FB FavoriteThings
Yes, that diamond ring is as REAL and exquisite as she is!
Raquel Welch ain't got nothin' on you, Girl!

GG, thank you for loving Dita's Darlings as much as you do!
We love you right back!

It's Black and White Wednesday
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  1. That's so awesome!! But I will have to dispute the biggest DD fan title, because I think I'm your biggest fan ;o) Those cigarettes are a hoot and that ring....*sigh*! A girl can dream!

  2. Oh my goodness, what an insane coincidence! I love those kind of random moments. She is absolutely gorgeous, as is your sister and well, you know what I think of your hubby. :)

    These pics are just stunning, Dita! Miss you already!

  3. Ahem....GG.....nice try. But I think that postion has been filled. Perhaps you could take a number and get in line.(lol)

    Seriously, what a hoot. And she looks bigger than life with oddles of love to spare. I'm sure you all had a ball. Great shots of your encounter...but I wanted some of the kiddos too. So glad you included your fav sis though. I see the resemblance you share (it's called beauty).

    Miss you sweetie. Glad you got a moment to post - I know you hit the road running when you got home.

  4. What a blast you must have had! It's amazing how moments like that happen. Love you're pictures... especially the ring! What a ring!

  5. How awesome that you could meet your number one fan!!! Love the shot of GG and your sister...beautiful!

  6. I love chance meeting like this. Great shots.

  7. That is so totally cool! And your images and that ring...stunning!

    So good to meet you at the workshop :-)

  8. oh how FUN!! GG is gorgeous - I can only imagine how thrilling this was for you - and GG too!

    I love your B&W Wednesday post!

  9. What a cool coincidence.....and even better that you had your camera along to capture this beautiful woman!

    The pictures are FANTASTIC and I love that ring and her fancy cigarettes.

    What a great story to tell about your chance meeting.

    Hope you have a wonderful week and so glad that we got to steal an hour the other day for lunch. How lucky am I....an entire weekend together at the workshop plus lunch two days later. We are making up for lost time:) Can't wait to see a few photos from this weekend. I know you are busy.....but I am dying to see what you got!!!

    Luv Ya,


  10. That is CRAZY! Great story in words and pictures.

    Glad you had a blast at the workshop, too!

    Osborn Odds 'N Ends

  11. What a fun post!~ No tears today. :)

    And a kiss from JR...wow...that had to make her night!

    Two very beautiful women!

    Isn't is wonderful when someone takes time from their busy schedule to know you...to soak in all the words...

    But how can we blame anyone for loving Dita's blog?

    I bet she would subscribe to your magazine as well! :)

    Thank you for reaching out to the babies at China Little Flower!

    Love and blessings,

  12. Well, I mean, who WOULDN'T be in love with JR? (Oops. Did I just actually type that? Sorry, Husband.)

    Glad you got to meet a fan! I'm another one... and so jealous I wasn't there.

  13. What a cool story! Geesh, you live such an exciting life : )

  14. Oh. My. Word! She is fabulous. Seriously fabulous. I love her. I can just imagine the accent. And you are right, no way can she be a Grandma. Look how FABULOUS she looks. She is a stunner. I want to join your fan club as well. Please send me the application at once! XO