I have a friend.
She adores her family.

She shares my love of children.
She has a gift.
She makes beautiful things by hand.


Her gift for making beautiful things has, in large part, helped realize her dream of completing her family, one beautiful member at a time, from different parts of the world.

Their family is not complete, though.
There is one little girl all alone on the other side of the world who is still waiting to come home
to her sisters, her brother and her mommy and daddy.

She doesn't even know that this incredible family of hers is praying
and working so hard together to get her home.
She has no idea how much love they have for her and how her life
will be infintely changed for the better once she is safe in their arms.

I have a friend.
We've never met in person but our hearts have, no doubt, met many times before.

This is her daughter; still so far away.

This is my daughter holding hers in her arms...

and telling her that her Mommy is coming soon to get her.

And with a kiss my Sweetie said...
I love you, little girl, would you be my friend?


No question about that.
One day, Sweetie...when Liliana's home..we will all meet...friends.

Hurry home, Liliana...your family (and your friends) are waiting.

This beautiful beach towel was made with love by Robin at Red Thread Stitches.

It's personalized with my daughter's initial and her name embroidered below in a whimsical orange stitch (which you can't see here). (Please excuse the sunblock smathered all over it!)

She loves it.
I love it...not only because its insanely adorable but because
I know the heart of the woman whose hands made it for us with love.

If you're looking for a unique gift, visit Robin's sewing blog to see all of the gorgeous creations she makes and help bring Liliana home.


  1. These towels are darling! Eli has one made just for him. Wonderful post!

  2. Okay...here I sit crying AGAIN!

    Dita, the way in which you express your love is like no other! My heart has been melted....

    Thank you for your sweet words and your love. Please give that Sweetie Pie of yours a big hug and kiss!

    You need to be in marketing! :) I'm still waiting for my Darling Dita's Magazine to arrive. :D


  3. what a beautiful post Dita...and yes Robin is incredible talented!!!!!!! Your little sweetie is just precious...: ) I love how she is softly kissing the picture. so sweet!

  4. Yes, my sweet friend - I'm heading over there now.

    Beautiful post sweetie....as only you can do!

    (Happy 4th!)

  5. I'm all over it...going there right now. I remember Robin's previous adoption and bought a few dresses for Grace.

    Thank you for doing this post for her...I am sure it means so much!!!

  6. What a gorgeous towel and a beautiful gift for a little girl I know! Thanks for sharing this and I'll be checking out Robin's site right away!

  7. What a beautiful post.....and towel!! Robin is an incredible soul.....and I know a lot of love goes into everthing those hands touch. I have not purchased one of these towels, but recently did purchase a few dresses for Miss Sarah:)

    Have a great day!!