Scenes from Summer: Part II

After Scenes from Summer: Part I,

I decided I'd continue to chronicle
our summer adventures in a series.

JR and I both work full-time but we always try to spend as much time outdoors with the children after work as we can in the Summer.

Luckily daylight savings time is on our side and it doesn't get dark until almost 9pm.
Perfect time to chase the lightning bugs).

Whenever the weather cooperates we eat outside. I make a point of setting the table and using the good dishes even when its just us because to me, we're just as important as company!

The kids find things to do in the yard and between corralling them and making sure no one gets too riled up (translation: starts crying!)...
JR and I try to enjoy a cocktail or two as we talk about our day.
(It sure comes in handy that I worked throughout college and grad school as a bartender!)

Today the outside temperature actually registered at 104 degrees and in my book,
that calls for a frozen Cue*rvo Gold Margar*ita with Cointre*au and lots of kosher salt.

(and yes, it was as good as it looks!)


Sweetie found an equally yummy little surprise.


Much to her brother's dismay...she insisted upon being the first to pick it and eat it.





Now, if only we can keep the pesky little chipmunks away from the strawberry pot we might be in luck and actually get to enjoy a few more ourselves!


***Go ahead, say it...I know you're thinking it.
I know you noticed how AMAZING my editing skills were in this post?
And I mean, WOWZA!
Totally unlike my usual...well, as you probably figured out by now, I had a "ghost" Photoshopper at the helm of these photos.

My dear (real life) girlfriend, Maddy at The Maddy Chronicles, was kind enough to take my photos to a new level and unleash the power within her upon my VERY grateful images!

Thanks so much, MaddyGirl....you never cease to amaze me.

I love you and its back to Photoshop school for me!


  1. I know where I am coming after work today..... Are you have dinner outside? and more importantly, are you serving up some of the delicious and frosty margaritas? If so, count me in:)

    We have been spending many of our evenings outdoors with the kids....although this week it has been entirely too hot to be out for more than 5 minutes at a time.....so we are sticking with dinner indoors!!!

    Keep enjoying those summer nights.....Beautiful pictures!!!

    LOL about Photoshop School..... you just need time to practice and lately you have been awfully busy. I promise you, you are going to get it!! I will not let you leave Bethlehem until you do!!



  2. I'm lovin' this series. Great idea girl! And....I,of course,.....love your backyard decor sooooo much. (We are sisters you know - just separated at birth is all.)

    Love the way, even with all that's on your plate - you take the time and trouble to live well. That's joie de vivre! These shots are adorable and very well taken - you need to appreciate your sooc abilibies my dear. And yes, Maddy did a bang-up job. You and me both are on this steep learning curve with PS but we'll get it.

    Can't wait to partake in this bartending talent of yours. Soooooon!
    Love you!

  3. I really did notice your PS skills! Awesome job Dita!

    Your margaritas looks fabulous and refreshing!

  4. Your pictures were amazing as is, I was just jonesing for a little photoshop and you gave me my fix...for the day at least! What are friends for ;o) And forget about the margaritas, I want to get my hands on those mini strawberries! They look so yummy!

  5. OMG... Can I just ask when the next workshop is going to be with you sharing your bartending skills and Lisa her PS skills? I will definitely be hopping in on a plane for that one! Those look delicious!

    Your little one is absolutely adorable. She is one smart cookie to have found that lovely strawberry. Love the shot of her up close and personal. :-)


  6. Dita I love to read your blog post. They are always straight from the heart....you can feel the love that you have for your family in your writings...I love these pictures so much...especially the one of Sweetie enjoying that yummy strawberry!!!!

  7. I had no idea you were a bartender in college and grad school. That margarita looks delish!

    We've also been enjoying a lot of time outside with our kids. Love seeing SP getting the first strawberry of the season. Fabulous pics as always!!!!

  8. I want to come spend the summer at your house! :)

    You are braver than I... to hang out in 104 degree weather...whew! I'm a whimp.

    Those EYES...do you ever say no to them?

    And...the pic of Sweetie Pie with her daddy...WOW!

    To me...your photos are always amazing! :)

    Looking forward to the rest of the series....


  9. Oooh, I love everything about this post! The Buddha , the strawberries, the fabulous drinks, the kids playing, eating on the good dishes, EVERYTHING! That picture of her eyes and that tiny strawberry....perfect!

  10. This post was gorgeous.
    Every word.
    Every image.
    Every child.
    Every berry :)

    I love Maddy.