Not exactly a word you'd use to describe life with a teenage boy!

But to me that's exactly what this shot captured between my best friend
and my godson the other day.


Even if it was just for a moment!
Vee you are an amazing mother and in only a few more years
(and an equal amount of gray hairs!)
these teen years will be well behind you.

It's Black and White Wednesday
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  1. So this is your BF since childhood? Cool. You used few words but they still told the story. The ups and downs of Motherhood - all part of the package.

    Great shot Dita! I love the soft clouds behind their heads and the wistful expressions. You caught a owerful moment.

    (Only 9 more days sweetie.)
    Have a great day in that big, wild city of yours!


  2. Love the shot! You are so right, serenity is not a word to describe life with a teenage boy, but that picture is full of it!

  3. Love the shot! You are so right, serenity is not a word to describe life with a teenage boy, but that picture is full of it!

  4. So eloquently written, paired with a wonderful captured moment! Lovely.

  5. Love this shot and love this post! I so wish for serenity in my life these days with a 7 yr old. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like in her teen years. Yikes!

  6. Beautiful capture. Serenity is a perfect title. I thought there were two teenagers and had reread your post!

  7. Fabulous picture Dita! Perfect for a black and white!

  8. So beautifully said and I love the mood of the image, definitely serene and peaceful. :)

  9. I like so much about this:
    the background, the lighting, the editing.

    Great processing.

    Can't wait to meet Thelma in the flesh...(or isit Louise).

  10. What a lovely photo! Your friend must be doing something right if her teen will be in the same pic with her! :)

    I'm soooo behind on my blogs. And with two busy weekends planned, there's probably much relief in sight. But I'll see you in person in just eight days!

    I'm so excited!!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  11. It really does capture "serenity"...gorgeous! Love the cityscape lurking behind them...where all the hussle and bussle seems to be silenced for the moment.

    And...Lucy has a family!!!! Woohoo!!!! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

    Have a great day!


  12. I love the carefree mood of this picture......just beautiful!!

    As a Mom with a son just entering his teenage years.....I am beginning to fully understand what everyone has always talked about. The teenage years are much different when you are on this side of the fence.

    All I can say....good thing for the hairstylist who always manages to cover the grays:)

    Enjoy your weekend....looks like it is another hot one~

    Luv Ya,


  13. I'm having a hard time determining who's the teenager here! Vee looks great! And what a great moment between mom & son! Where did you take these pics? I love the skyline view in the background!

  14. Oh my. I do feel nervous about the teenage years for sure. This year, age 10, has been a big adjustment! I was so used to him being compliant and listening without talking back...now he always has something to say. And usually it is about how uncool my ideas are. Darn it!

    I liked when he thought I was the greatest thing since sliced pie...