Update on the Infamous Haircut

See Wild Child?
Sometimes she surprises me.

JRR Haircut 2

She hopped right up on that chair without a wimper or a worry in the world.

JRR Haircut 2-2

Once she caught a glimpse of her fine self in the mirror,
she couldn't take her eyes off her own reflection!
JRR Haircut 2-3

All the other clients in the salon were giggling hysterically (along with me!) as they watched her sit so tall and proud on the booster seat in her chair; just like a big girl with her coffee (translation...coffee cup filled with M & Ms) and enjoy her blow dry in the loving hands of Lu.
JRR Haircut 2-4

She loved her new coif,
so did her brother (that's him in the background below gazing lovingly at Beautyrella)

JRR Haircut 2-5

It looked like this for the entire 15 minute ride home
and then Wild Child returned.


  1. Wow, she is just gorgeous!!

    If I wasn't bound by mother's love to vote my two kids as the worlds' cutest, I woud definitely have to nominate both of yours.

    This message will self destruct in 15 seconds.

    V in the lone star state

  2. Well she sure cleans up well doesn't she? ;) wow!!! what a beautiful little princess she is and may I say she looks more like a little girl now, not so much like a toddler. She's a stunner my friend!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Goodness you have gorgeous people that you have created. How are you Christina? Hope wonderful today. Praying and hoping your day amazing and so smile-filled you have to pinch yourself to see if your moments are real. Yep, hoping you find out-loud laughter in your soul.

    smiles and hugs,

  4. I am partial to the wild child hair, but I'm loving the "kawfey" pic :o)

  5. Very beautiful. Linhsey has wild child hair too. So glad you got some photos of it!

  6. Oh how cute!!! I love the new do.....she looks so much older. LOL at your wildchild:)


  7. Wild child...perhaps. But a BEAUTIFUL wild child! :) The photo of Sweetie Pie sitting there with her little cup is adorable. And then the photo of big brother with such admiration for his sister on his face. I want to eat that Sweetie Pie up!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. My niece has similar hair... so perfectly coiffed when someone takes the time to style and blow it dry, but the curls pop out within an hour. Heh.

  9. LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the cup full of coffee... M & M's.

  10. She could not be more lovely!

  11. She is so adorable and a beauty!! I can't imagine that she's a wild thing......

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for One Year!

  12. She is absolutely lovely. I love the haircut.