Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweetie Pie

Today you are TWO years old.

Time is passing so quickly.
It is such an amazing privilege to watch you grow each day
into the sweetest little girl.

Sweetie Pie PR Cropped

I'll never forget the morning you were born.
I was scared to death wondering if we'd both be okay.

The minute I laid eyes on you...voila...my fears were history.

Sweetie Pie Hospital Blanket

You were pure perfection and we all fell in love that day.

Sweetie Pie Baby Hospital JR

I remember how you fell asleep over my heart that morning, two years ago.
All the morning's activity was done by 10AM and we were both, deservedly, exhausted.
I kept pinching myself wondering if I had dreamed you.
As we lay there, just the two of us, I glanced out the window
over your tiny head resting on my chest.
And as I listened to your very first breaths here on Earth, I spotted it, clear as day.
The most perfect sign that you; my miracle, my dream...my daughter had arrived.

Sweetie Pie Baby Hospital Rainbow

Not a moment has passed since that I don't count
our blessings for you, our beautiful baby girl.

Sweetie Pie Baby

Yesterday, as I watched you in your father's arms I thought to myself how
very fortunate we are to be your parents.

Sweetie Pie Birthday NYC

You are everything we ever wished for...

Sweetie Pie Birthday_
and so much more.

Sweetie Pie Birthday NYC 2

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl!
You have made our family complete and we adore you,
Mama, Papa & WonderBoy
(Follow this link to see last year's post and Sweetie Pie's First Year Slideshow)


  1. A very, very Happy Birthday to Sweetie Pie!!! She is simply - stunning. Take your breath away beautiful and she gets it from her parents.

    Can you believe two years can go by so quickly?

    The thing about your pictures I love is that you capture people's inner beauty as much as the obvious.

    It helps to be surrounded by beautfiul people, but in your pictures I see so much more.

    Enjoy your special day as a family.

    Love V

  2. I could look into your baby girl's eyes forever... Such beauty, with a warmth that just covers you from head to toe.
    Happy Birthday little one, for you are a true and wonderful blessing...

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful Birthday Girl!
    She simply takes my breath away....
    love your blog design... it is just lovely.

  4. She is probably one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. And I've seen many. I love the one of her sleeping with the sweet little smile on her face. Happy birthday to your baby girl!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little angel.

  6. Happy Birthday to a very beautiful angel on earth!!

    God is good!


  7. Happy birthday, Sweetie Pie! May your always have that sweet smile and those adorable curls.

  8. Oh my word.....what a GORGEOUS baby!! I never saw her baby pics......look at those big eyes and beautiful head of hair.

    What a special day that will live with you forever.

    Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie.....Welcome to the "2's"....they are not as terrible as people say:)



  9. Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie! It feels like just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the very first time. You're were sooo tiny, but look how much you've grown since then!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!



  10. Beautiful post....love the picture of her laying ont he couch? Stunning!

    Cant' wait to see you in Novemeber! ;)


  11. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Sweetie Pie!!!!!!!

  12. Happy Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

  13. What a beautiful birthday girl! Truly amazing eyes!

    Our blog: Double Happiness!

  14. I know it's a little late, but I hope Sweetie Pie had a memorable, and happy birthday! She's beautiful! I love to see the latest pictures of her...you capture her so perfectly!
    Can you believe it's been 2 years since our babies came into our lives? I think I blinked and here we are...and I am grateful for the 2 years since you entered my life....it's been such a joy!

  15. Happy Birthday sweet girl!
    Hope it was a happy one!

    Beautiful post my friend. Happy day to you too!!!