One Sunday in September

There is no greater thrill for me than to watch the special bond
that these two precious children share
grow with every passing day.

Kids Montclair Station
Kids Montclair Station-5
Kids Montclair Station-6

Kids Montclair Station-3

Kids Montclair Station


  1. I must wonder if your talents as a photographer are enhanced because you only photograph beautiful things?

    Perhaps I will pick up my old drop and load circa 1989 and see if I can achieve similar results with a poor quality lens.

    I suspect that the answer is obvious, you are very talented, and your subjects are very beautiful.

    I guess I better take a photography course or I'm doomed to pictures of the backs of kids heads and fingers up the nose.

  2. Darling and Hansome! I love these photos. Your children are beautiful.

  3. Loved all of these photos, especially the fourth one. Her personality shines through that shot!

  4. Ahh...nothing sweeter than sibling love!

    Dita, your photos look like an advertisement for children's clothing. Beautiful children, beautiful clothing, beautiful colors...

    Now I will go back to my blog and look at my grainy, dull looking pics. Lauren opened the shutter and licked the lens the other day. Its no wonder my photos have spots on them. lol

    So nice to come visit your beautiful blog!!!

    Have a great weekend!


    PS...I'm enjoying my lovely wallet!

  5. Beautfuls subjects for any camera they are, but all the more beautiful for a mother's heart! They are truly stunning.

  6. Oh my....these my be my favorite images yet!! They are such beautiful kids.....and you can just see the love they have for one another. These pictures speak VOLUMES!!

    Have missed you my friend, we need to catch up....it has been a very busy week and weekend:)

    The blog header looks great....you should have called me if you needed help.....you know my phone is on 24/7



  7. I love your new look my friend!

    The pictures of course are stunning... what beautiful children you have. I love how how captured photo's of both of them.
    It's so hard getting pictures of the girls together. Elliana is a much more willing participant than Belle.
    You are one lucky mama

  8. Beautiful pictures! Vivid colors and gorgeous children!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy