Buddha BFF

Sweetie Pie has so many toys.

They're everywhere.

Many toys were WonderBoy's.
I saved them for 8 years just knowing that one day there'd be a Sweetie Pie.

Some were gently used by friends and found a new home here with her.

And many more things pink and girly have been
steadily arriving these past two years.

I know this because there's a virtual obstacle course of toys that
I am either stepping on or overor picking up 20 times a day.

So, imagine my surprise when Sweetie Pie spent the entire afternoon in the yard
playing exclusively with something that clearly did not fit into any of the above categories.

JRR Buddha-10

JRR Buddha-3

JRR Buddha-7

JRR Buddha-5

JRR Buddha-2

JRR Buddha


  1. Love the Buddha ! That is too precious.

  2. Hands down one of the cutest things I've ever seen! how precious!!!! Isn't it funny what they choose to play with?

  3. LOL! How Funny! I especially love the picture where she's kissing Buddha's head :o)

  4. I had an Uncle Earnie that looked remarkably similar.

    It is hard to resist Man boobs and a sweet smile.

    It just goes to show, whoever so pleases our children in turn will please us.

    Go in peace my child.

  5. That is so sweet.....She seems to have a special connection with Mr. Buddha:) Adorable dress too!