Sunday Snapshot: Leaving 3

Yep, that's right....we are winding down the last few hours of 3.
What a wonderful year it has been.

The memory of my Sweetie at 3 will bring a smile to my face always. 
I'm so glad I took the time to chronicle this year in photos as a reminder of the wonder and joy she has brought to all of us this magical third year.

At 3, my Sweetie's absolute favorite place to be (other than with her Nana) is in front of a plate of sushi at the best sushi restaurant in town.

Jade Sushi 3

She loves her Daddy to pieces.

JR Jade 3

And her brother? Well, it's more than fair to say he is adored beyond words.

Ant Sushi 3

Every single day she surely exemplifies sugar, spice and everything nice
 (with a smile and a soft little voice that has been known to melt even the coolest of hearts)

Jade Sweetness 3

She has just the right dose of charm and sass to ensure that no matter what life brings she will ingratiate herself wherever she wants to be and have the smarts, guts and gumption to pull it off....all by herself!

Jade Many Faces 3

Thank you for sharing THREE with us, my Darling Girl.....
I cannot wait to see what year FOUR has in store!

You are our heart!
(a.k.a. the luckiest Mom in the world!)

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Sunday Snapshot


  1. She is a true beauty!! That precious Sweetie Pie of yours melts my heart thru the screen...I can only imagine her in living color.

    Thank you for sharing your blessed world with us. I look forward to Sweetie Pie at 4 years!

    Love and blessings,

  2. She is precious....they grow so fast....I can hardly believe Emmie is a senior....Jade is a darling....


  3. Can't believe she's 4. What a sweetheart...her personality comes shining through in all of your beautiful pictures, Dita!!

    Have a great week...

  4. Each year is so precious. I look at my oldest and I love the young man he is today. But my heart so misses the little man he used to be.

  5. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful 4 year old in the world!

  6. Wow, 4 already?!?! Where does it go, Dita?? She is such a doll, her personality comes through in every single picture she takes. Hope she has a wonderful birthday week!!

  7. She truly is a treasure beyond measure.

    Flowers only bloom this brilliant with extra attention from those tending them, hats off to you and JR for giving her everything she needs to be so exceptional.

    I was just thinking of her birthday when I checked in; how can our babies be 4, so soon?

    I miss you, as always,
    Love V

  8. Gorgeous girl and I can certainly see the sass in her eyes!!

    I love how she wears the band aides on her forehead. Too cute!

  9. I can't believe your gorgeous girl is officially four!! Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie!! We hope to see you very soon.

    Love these photos Dita..... we will forever remember three as the year of the band-aid.....LOL!!!

    Have a wonderful week my friend~



  10. Where are you? So long since your post! Hope all is well!
    Happy Halloween!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  11. Doesn't it seem like time just flies by? I can't believe wonder boy is 13 and your baby is 4! That is crazy.