Favorite Photo Friday: Smiles & Stripes

Sweetie and I took a ride down the shore to visit a dear friend of mine last week.

While we were chatting, I saw her through the screen door on the patio; overlooking the beach, amusing herself and just enjoying the absolutely gorgeous day.

As I grabbed my camera I told her that if I ever
had a little girl one day I'd like her to be just like her...

Diptych Jade Striped Lollipop

To which she responded.....
MOMMY!!  I'm already all yours!

IMG_5093 FB WM
Oh, little girl...you are my dream come true!

It's Favorite Photo Friday at The Long Road to China...head on over to see some really great snaps from some very talented photographers!

the long road


  1. Dita these are priceless photos! What a treasure!!

  2. She is so expressive, I could see the last shot in a catalog and I want to order a dozen lollipops and 4 striped shirts.

    You/she are depriving us all of your talents both in front of and behind the camera.

    Missing you.


  3. What a gorgeous face she has and she has gotten so big!

  4. Great pictures! Love her sass and her outfit... super cute!

  5. She is so precious Dita. That look in the last one is priceless!

    BTW...I can't believe how sunny it was in those pictures last week and now you're getting a snow storm. CRAZY!


  6. Oh my gosh, that last one is ADORABLE, little miss sassy. Love it!!!

    Also love her in black and white stripes, very stylish.

  7. Glad you are back posting; we missed you! Love your daughter, just gorgeous! I don't think we can even imagine what the teen years will be like!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  8. Oh my....she takes my breath away everytime. The last shot is....(I'm looking for the word)classic Hollywood. What a natural - with those expressions and those peepers.

    But will you do me a favor and tell her to stop growing. When I look at the little picture of Sweetie to the right - it's like she's 10 years older already. Now stop it!!

    Glad you found a minute to post. Love my Dita posts!!!

  9. Like Mommy Like Daughter..... she has the three S's.....style, sass, and smarts!!!

    Beautiful photos of your Sweetie!! So happy to see you posting:) You are definitely missed around here~



  10. She leaves me speechless....

    and that "look"!! I'm guessing it is a reflection of her mama. ;)

    Sweetie Pie is gorgeous!!

    I hope things are well in your corner of the world! :D

    Love and hugs!

  11. It would be impossible to love her any more! What a doll! LOVE these pictures so much. LOVE the color in the pictures also. GORGEOUS lighting!