Favorite Photo Friday: New Beginnings

A cool windy November day on the beach...
no sunbathers, frisbees, brightly colored umbrellas, coolers, laughter, sandcastles.

Somehow the quiet yet powerful sound of the waves lapping on the shore
reminds us that the possibilities are endless.

We weren't planning on being here today, but sometimes in life...we're put right where we should be
just to allow us to witness the next beautiful thing that will surely come our way.

IMG_7069 WM FB

To New Beginnings!

It's Favorite photo Friday.
Head on over to Lisa's place to see some great photos from some awesome photographers.

the long road


  1. That sound you describe is one of my most favorite of all. Love this shot- it's perfect!!

  2. How tranquil and lovely that sounds and looks. It's a rare gift to view the beach uninterrupted by the clutter of humans and their things.

    How wonderful that you stumbled upon it and took the time to take note of it.

    One of those pictures where you wish you were there, but you definitely feel you are just through the viewing of it.

    Well done, my multi-talented friend.

    Love V

  3. I see this BIG on canvas in your house. I just love it!! Missing you, my friend!

  4. I agree with Marla....this needs to be on canvas...GORGEOUS! One can only imagine what she is thinking....

    It's beautiful my friend!

    Love you!

  5. This shot of your beautiful girl is PURE PERFECTION!!! I love everything about it. To New Beginnings.....

    Luv Ya~



  6. Being in such an wide open space, enjoying Mother Nature and your family - just beautiful! Hope you de-stressed and enjoyed!

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend,
    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  7. Oh my goodness. I love this picture so much. Absolutely gorgeous!