Faux Sushi

JR and I love sushi. The kids are big fans too.

Kids Eating Sushi WM

We hit our favorite sushi haunt so regularly that they know us by name and our littles spend more time with the owner who fawns all over them than they do with us (great little perk!)

We order the same thing for the kids every time...a Bento box to share and two japanese sodas.

Sushi Collage WM

JR and I like to try new things and, for the most part, we love it all.

WonderBoy is a creature of habit and rarely veers off the beaten path when it comes to edible delights but Sweetie is another story.

She'll try anything once.

Of course, she wants to partake in our sushi since it always looks so perfectly gorgeous.

I still don't allow her to eat raw fish because of her age and, well, I'm a worrier.

So unless its California Roll or something thoroughly cooked like Smoked Eel or Spider Roll she's out of luck and I shoo her away from my plate.

In outlining my reasons for denying her I explained that most sushi is raw fish.

I didn't think it dawned on her what that really meant before but it did seem to sink in the other night after our discussion.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that she got the message loud and clear.

I was working at my desk on Sunday when she called me to the table for lunch (after we had a just eaten an hour before).

She said she made me sushi.

Faux Sushi Collage WM

Indeed, she did.

(I caught her seconds before the entire teetering bottle of soy sauce perched on the couch spilled all over it and the living room rug)


  1. Okay, aside from the soy sauce spilling, that has got to be the cutest, most funniest story I have ever read! And the picture? Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!

  2. SP is too smart for her age!! Must have her Mama's brains :)

  3. Sorry...I'm still laughing over the last picture. I so love love her imagination. (So gad to hear you averted a disaster.)

    OK, next time we get together - it's sushi baby! We love it. Well.....I should say you, me, Jr and Sweetie and Milana are on the same page. WB and Dan and Dahlia stay with the tried and true.

    Such a sweet post my lovely friend!

  4. Oh I am so hungry for Sushi..... I just said to Pat tonight that I was in the mood for it.... these pictures are not helping matters.

    I still cannot get over the fact that your kids eat it...... That is awesome!

    Looks like you have been on a roll posting:) We have missed you and the darlings around the bloggy block!



  5. Mmmm mmmm good. Teach em' young to appreciate the good stuff.

    Aubriana eats my rice and Lil Dude eats my fish. Conspiracy? Perhaps, I wonder if I just eat the wasabi if that is a fat burner?

    Sweet Pea is an artist and a chef in the making.

    Love V

  6. Oh my goodness...that is the funniest!!!

    Yep...she must have heard you loud and clear! :)

    Whew on the soy sauce!

    Have a blessed weekend my friend!

  7. The last picture is just hilarious! I think she "got it" perfectly! lol