Black & White Wednesday: JR, An Update

It's been a long, hard road for JR since his cornea transplant on February 10th...and the ensuing mega-infection that took hold and has been JR's constant companion for the past month.

He has been so strong through it all; never complaining.

But it has really beaten him down.

Anyone who knows my man knows that this is not him.

But it is, right now.

April 3 JR Eyes BW

I sure do miss THIS guy.

JR Mntcl BW

In fact, we all do.

This experience is teaching our children (and me) all about patience and compassion for one another.

JR WB Train Station Collage

JR Kids Train Station Dyptich

JR is teaching us all about strength and perseverence.

We are continuing his course of daily appointments and treatment and have sought a second opinion, which concurred with the first. They tell us that the infection is clearing very slowly and as much as wish I could speed things along, it is the passage of time that will ultimately close this chapter.

I cannot thank so many of you enough for all the well wishes and thoughtfulness you've shown JR and our family over this rough patch.

Your thoughts and prayers have meant so much to all of us.

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion. - Buddha

Red Church Door WM FB


It's Black and White Wednesday!

To see some wonderful images from some fantastic photographers, click on over to

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  1. Hey you!

    Hope he is back to himself soon...it stinks seeing your loved ones like this.

    Those cuties, are getting all grown up!


  2. There is not an infection big enough to take away his Handsome.

    I'm so glad you got a second opinion, wish it had brought better news with it.

    Every situation brings with it an opportunity to gain knowlege and how we apply our knowledge leads to wisdom.

    Your wisdom to learn how lucky you all are to have one another in sickness and health is a lesson we can all afford to review.

    Praying for the very best outcome to come quickly.

    Love Valerie

  3. I'm so sorry to hear JR is still struggling with that nasty infection. Prayers are going his way for a speedy recovery.


  4. Hope the healing picks up speed! Will keep prayers for healing.

  5. Oooh, I love that quote! Well I'm glad he is healing....slowly, but surely. The pictures are lovely. I melted when I saw the 2 boys together, but then you went and threw in that sweetie in red with the adorable matching bag...and that just did me in seeing daddy holding that bag!

  6. My heart goes out to you all. I hope and pray his recovery picks up speed. ((hugs))

  7. It's so hard to sit back and watch and wait for our loved ones to heal. Especially when you miss the real them.

    I hope and pray your husband will be back to himself in no time.

  8. Oh sweetie - it's hard to look at the first picture - can only imagine how it is for you all. What a trooper he is though. Can't believe he's still going to work everyday.

    I'm repeating my FB comment - I adore the train station pic with the red. Mwah, mwah!

    Hugs especially for JR!!!

  9. Praising God that your hubby is healing! Praying that the healing continues. I look forward to your post of joy when the infection is gone and your happy hubby is back!

    You gorgeous pics always melt my heart...

    Love and blessings,

  10. I'm sincerley sorry this has happened Dita. Will keep him in my thoughts and prayers that his eye continues to heal and the infection leaves. Slow and steady healing is always good!

    And as always, your pictures are wonderful! :)

  11. Oh Dita I am so sorry...I have kept JR in my prayers {{{{hug}}}} I know this has been so painful for him. Keep the faith my friend {{[hugs}}}
    Beautiful pictures...I love them! You capture your family so beautifully.

  12. Dita,

    dang. i'm sorry!

    i do love this post. you've managed to capture so much emotion in these photos. and in your words. photo-journalism of a strong family going through tough times with grace.

    sending hugs & prayers friend!

    xo ellie

  13. Dita,
    I understand how hard this is, my father had glaucoma and had his eye removed and later replaced with an artificial eye when I was 14. I remember vividly how difficult it was for my mom watching him struggle with it all. I pray that JR's infection clears up quickly.

  14. Poor JR!! I'm so sad to hear that he's still battling this infection, but I'm also glad to hear it's clearing up, if only slowly! JR, as well as all the Darlings are in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))

  15. Dita- I'm so sorry!! I didn't realize he was in so much pain and had an infection. I will pray for his speedy recovery.

  16. It is so funny when I come here Christina, I both smile and tear up. Your family is a lovely one. One that was earned from the get go and I know that you all will perservere through this time.

    Just in my prayers and gentle thoughts for quick healing for JR's eye. So many thoughts for ease and smiles and hope when he feels beat down.

    In life I am blessed and so very fortunate to run across you, my friend Ms. Dita in my life. I know we have never talked but feel like you are dear to me my blog friend. You show me sunshine through tears and I admire you much. Thank you for being real here and sharing.