Piggy Paint

Sweetie was born in September 2007, the Year of the Pig.

I'm not sure if its that knowledge or just coincidence but for the last few years, both she and I seem to gravitate toward anything with a cute pig on it. Of course she's head over heels for Olivia the Pig and any related paraphernalia (and, truth be told, I've got a Mom Crush on Olivia the Pig too!)

Up until very recently, Sweetie never in her life had her nails painted.

In addition to being concerned about the chemicals and formaldehyde in nail polish on my little angel's fingernails; I really don't enjoy the sight of chipped nail polish on anyone, young or old. After many misspent years in my 20's abusing my own nails with glue, powder, gels, etc. making me the envy of even the proudest of Jersey Girls; today I rarely even paint clear polish on my own nails.

So when Sweetie finally asked me for nail polish, I had to come up with something and, coincidentally for sure, it involved a Pig!

Of course, we had to get it!

Piggy Paint Collage

Piggy Paint is a great non-toxic, low odor way to share some special time with my favorite girl...

and when that first chip appears...well, out comes the Piggy Paint Remover to the rescue.

Both mother and daughter are in Pig Heaven!


  1. Aubriana just asked me to paint her nails for the first time this week! Also born in the year of the pig, where do I find your particular piggy product?

    I thought it was a bit soon myself, and I also hate the chipped up look.

    Her nails look better than my own right now, sacrifice, I know thee well.


  2. What a great product! I hear ya about not wanting to put those chemicals on little one's fingers or toes. Will have to check it out.

    Adorable pics as always.

    Will was born in the year of the Rooster, and he's all rooster. He's a huge Olivia fan too!

    I hope your husband continues to heal and improve.

  3. Oh, cute, cute, cute!!! Piggy Nail Kit. You both must have been in Hog Heaven (Sorry....couldn't help it!!)

    Sweet post, sweet collage and sweet little tidbit of life, as it rolls.

    Love ya!!! (Hugs to JR too.)

  4. What a great find for your sweetest Sweetie Pie!

    My Mikayla was born in the year of the boar...and she is always "bored". :)

    I have to agree with you on the chipped nail thing...

    Hugs to you and hubby! Praying!

    Love and blessings,

  5. I will have to look for piggy paint. Does it stay on well? Sophia's nails chip off within 24 hours regardless of what I do.

  6. Cute product!! Might have to get some of that for a stocking next year... or maybe sooner. lol.

  7. How cute!! What will they come up with next?!

  8. I have never seen or even heard of piggy paint..... how cute is that?

    I will have to get some for the girls!!

    She is just adorable.... I see so much of you in every single picture you post of this sweet child. Her expressions, mannerisms.....you through and through!



  9. You are such a good Mommy to think of all of those things. Chemicals and such. I never do : (
    I need to be more like you.

    SO flippin' cute. I can't even stand it. I was with a pretty girl the other night at dinner. She had perfect hair and makeup, an amazing outfit, killer heels...but chipped nail polish. WHAT THE HECK. I wanted to whip out some nail polish remover at the table...I refrained though.