Whirlwind Weekend

Sweetie Pie had a follow up with her plastic surgeon. He's very happy with how she is healing after her accident and so are we. He advised us to keep it covered, out of the sun and to be patient allowing time to pass.
That we can do!


Afterward, we had a wonderful al fresco dinner on the Hudson River with our friends visiting from Italy overlooking Manhattan.

Their two kids and our two kids were actually very well behaved and we all really enjoyed watching the sunset and witnessing the twinkle of the City that Never Sleeps appear before our eyes.




WonderBoy and Sweetie Pie visited the dentist on Saturday morning for their semi-annual cleaning and checkup. This is Sweetie Pie's second visit and she did great. Her brother, however, is not as fond of this activity, even though we have always visited a pediatric dentist. As he bolted for the door when he was finally done he told me that he much prefers his orthodontist over the dentist. I can't say I blame him.
I dread the day he has a cavity that needs to be filled...it won't be pretty.

Here are a few shots of Sweetie Pie showing off her pearly whites in the waiting room after she was finished.
Hmm, good thing there isn't audio accompanying these photos because WonderBoy was making sure the dentist was earning her fee behind that wall!


That afternoon, Sweetie Pie was happy to smell the flowers in the yard with her Daddy



But WonderBoy complained that he was bored....so what's a Mom to do?
Well, we hopped in the car on a secret mission and when we returned let's just say we turned that frown upside down!
We may need to change his name to X*Box Boy from now on!


....and is he happy!


  1. Dita ~ when I was about three, I received over 40 stitches on my cheek after a dog bite. My mom followed those rules to a tee and I had NO scar before I even hit the preteen years.

  2. You are so funny.....looks like things in your world are fabulous girl! ;)


  3. I think it looks like she is healing very well.

    The doctor told me to keep Sophia's chest scar out of the sun, so that is what we are doing.

    We have a 360 too, it seems to be the 'boy' key to happiness right now. :)

  4. Love that last picture! Now that's a happy boy!

  5. You are such an awesome mom! My son would love to come over and play! :)

    It looks like Sweetie Pie's wound is healing well!

    Great pics...as ALWAYS!!!


  6. Just so sweet..... so glad Sweetie Pie's wound is almost healed and barely a scar.