Another Graduate!

With all of the recent goings on around here I forgot to post this about our favorite stuffed family member:
On WonderBoy’s last day of school he informed me that we have another graduate in the house.

Yep, Kiddie has reached another milestone. He has officially graduated high school. Who knew?
When I called on my way home from work WonderBoy told me that he’d like to celebrate his own matriculation with a ridiculously large Oreo cake with extra frosting.


I promised to procure it and was just about to hang up when I heard that faint, yet unmistakable high pitched sound of “Kiddie” in the background.
"Kiddie” told me that he would like to have his own favorite treat to celebrate his accomplishment…you guessed it…CARROT CAKE (c'mon, how else would a rabbit celebrate?)

So both my babies bellied up to the table after dinner for their special rewards.
I hope Kiddie decides to go to college in-state because I’m afraid we might have forgotten to open that educational savings account for him!
Good thing he's so darned cute because he may have to get by on looks alone!


  1. I'm laughing over here in St. Louis...and drooling over both of those cakes!! Congratulations to Kiddie! Would that be your grandson? :)


  2. No, Silly Robin....he's my SON...oddly enough he's WonderBoy's Son and my Son too. I'm not sure how that worked out but that's what WB has told me.

    Just as well, I wasn't into being a grandmother just yet anyway!

  3. I have a very jealous pet rock over here that is demanding Cocoa Pebbles for getting through a demanding week at Quarry Camp.

    You've set a trend and I for one am resentful....where can I get a cake like that?


  4. Ahhh, First off Kiddie is very lucky to have such a faithful family who always remembers him for the special milestones that we all go through. What a sweet post and the cake... have I told you that I love cake but have been trying to stay away from it??!! I'm drooling.....

  5. I think the Tongginator's Doggy might be a little slow. He's been around for over four years now and he still hasn't graduated preschool.

  6. you kill me.....and I'll take one of those cakes.....do you ship?