July 4th

We spent the day together with family at one of our favorite places.
I've spent the last 37 years being lucky enough to walk these beautiful grounds and I am so happy to share this place with my own family.
We enjoyed making wonderful memories as we celebrated
how fortunate we are to live in the
greatest country in the world.

There were so many photos of my 3 favorite people
that I decided to do a slideshow instead of just posting a few.
I'm in no condition this week to make such huge decisions!

Sweetie Pie had her stitches removed on Friday afternoon. She has to wear a permanent bandage for the next week or so....so her crazy Mama decided to kick it up a notch with some fun fashions in bandages. You'll be seeing a lot of these in the next few months because we need to keep SP's wound out of the sun for a good long time.
Day 3
SP had her first cotton candy and she liked it so much my sister decided to give her another one!WonderBoy was really excited to be with his sister on her first ever train ride.

WonderBoy had his usual grand old time on the golf course, however, he did learn a very valuable lesson...never run around on a golf course without shoes. He didn't learn that from me, mind you...he learned it all on his own when he landed sole first on a golf tee.........YIKES...can you say puncture wound? Yep, we were seeing blood and hearing screaming again from one of our children in less than a week. I swear these kids are trying to test my nerves of steel (which are officially mush now!) Good thing for that 10 year tetanus booster I had to hold WB down for a few weeks ago at his annual checkup! He has been hobbling around on one foot ever since...and I'm buying stock in Band Aid. Off to the doctor's again tomorrow!!
No rest for the weary.

Hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend. Despite all the drama, it's so great to feel like summer is finally here!
(I must preface this by saying that I really didn't spend the time to work on these photos properly but considering if I just think about it...like our vacation pictures...I won't be posting these until NEXT July 4th...I figured I'd better just get them up here and call it a day!)


  1. Great pictures (per usual. I wish I could remember to bring my camera with me as you seem to.

    Is the band aid over the cut to prevent a cut in the sun? My daughter had a bad scrape which now I can still see even though healed....she is quite tan but I never thought to put a band aid on it...YIKES. There goes a career in modeling.


  2. I loved SP's patriotic outfit with matching band aid.....so stinkin cute!! It sounds like other than the tee in WB's foot, you had a fab fourth!! The photos were fantastic......what a beautiful family:)

    I have missed all my bloggy friends and have some major catching up to do......Hope you made out okay at the doc's.....call me this week when you have time to catch up:)

    I am on the road tomorrow....back to work:(


  3. Dita, I truly enjoyed your slide show! I can't believe you found a bandaide that matched so well. I belted out a chuckle on that one...then finished watching your amazing day with tears and smiles.
    I can really feel the love radiate from your photos.

    Okay...lets hope the accidents have worn themselves out. Enough already for one mama's heart!!!


  4. Your family is so beautiful.... they just take my breath away... fashion bandage and all! So thankful she is ok and that you all had a safe and fun 4th of July!

  5. I LOVED YOUR SLIDESHOW!!! I watched it a few times and then Isabella had to watch it!
    I'm so glad you all had a wonderful Fourth!
    And I too just loved those bandaide's
    Elliana would be envious.... she loves bandaides. OH, our silly girls.

  6. Oh my goodness these are gorgeous images!!!!!!!!!! I use much photography from photo houses for my work....these are as good if not better than anything out there! You my friend should do this professionally! Yes Dita I am so very serious! I will even make you a logo and business cards. What do you think?