Sunday Snapshot: Style vs. Sensibility

Sweetie is BIG on Style. 


She's a Fashion DAWG!


I'm not so sure if she would have been had I not been her mom.

I mean, she does have an innate sense of style for sure...
but her 4 year old style leans to, er, ahem...hip hop....
which is NOT my favorite genre 
(more on that later)
6 space EVEN collage WM
I was once quite the fashion plate.

Anyone who knows me knows that there were many a ball gown in my closet.
 They were tailored exactly to me and they saw lots of events.
They ranged from avante garde ensembles...eclectic, cutting edge and dare I say....skimpy.

4 Board 2 WM
Fast forward to today....

I look back and realize that Life has gotten in the way.
Well, not necessarily gotten in the way but rather, life has happened.

I no longer have that hourglass figure that made the men swoon and the other girls green with envy.
My feet hurt if I wear heels higher than 3 inches for greater than 3 minutes (ohhhh....gasp!)

I leave the house without makeup or my hair done and I admit....
I wear track suits sometimes...
yes, I'm DITA and I'm a track suit-a-holic.

I do ONLY wear black...right down to my skivvies....so, for that, I am grateful (and you can be too).

But when it comes to my GURL....well, that's an ENTIRELY different story.

For my baby, well....THE WORLD.

Diptych 1 BW WM Diptych 1 BW 2
Life is KODACHROME...and for good reason...this little peanut has a personality larger than life.
Diptych WM
Nope, there's not a color that doesn't look good on her.  
Believe me, as an elder of my gender I tried...yes, I have to say....I tried....and though its not pretty to admit it...darn it....I TRIED to find something that looked horrid on her...
and I'm here to report I failed.
I failed EPICALLY!

She's perfect.

Did you hear me?

Diptych JRR
Imagine how grateful I am that she's my OWN daughter or all HELL would be breaking loose over that statement....
(I'm jealous kinda girl, PEOPLE...the worse color GREEN kind of jealous. You know, that green color that doesn't look good on ANYBODY!)

But with her, my heart is all rose colored and giggly and swoon-worthy and well,
 sweet as sugar-laced cotton candy lollipops...

Because there's only ONE girl in this whole world that I get to shout from the rooftops and say..."that's my baby"...yep, and I'm proprietary like that....and oh, so incredibly blessed!


My baby and I had so much fun with these "kiddie heels" she picked out
but at the end of the day comfort won out;

 SENSIBILITY trumped STYLE...as it should
...and we celebrated every step.

IMG_8358 IMG_8375 IMG_8376

Diptych Pretty Girl WM
Sweetie and I enjoyed our day together with our two favorite men....these handsome devils need no introduction here but, as fate would have it....they get more stunning with time so be forewarned...

Alas, our Hunky MEN!
Diptych Lunch JR


Ant Blog Board WM
If you think a look can't get'cha anything you want
Then you don't live here around these Darlings...I succomb to their sweet faces every single day.

4 Board 1 WM

I took these with my 85mm on my Canon 50D.

I'd tell ya the settings if I had one clue.
I'm kinda a hit or miss kinda gal.
Some days it works...some days it doesn't.
People tell me I must have a good camera.
I guess I do....some days.

The first shot was edited with
 MCP Fusion Mix & Match but that's not telling you much because geez, the tweaking can go on for hours so I'm not gonna lie...I have no idea what I did with this one or any of the other shots after I hit that button.
I know....L.O.S.E.R.

However, there's a blog party goin' on.
And I was kinda invited (ok, I crashed it....)

Whaddya say? You didn't hear about it?!!! 
Well, high-tail it over to Stefanie's blog and join in the fun!!

That girl's ALWAYS got room for one more!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. You are so stinkin' adorable! I just love visiting your blog... your photos are scrumptious and I LOVE how you LOVE your family :)
    You are awesome, Dita Darling!!

  2. I love your baby. I think she is the prettiest little girl in all the world. And her Mama? Stop the truck. I thought you were perfection the first moment I ever met you. You are amazing.
    I love the shots of your boys too! I can't believe how your number one son keeps growing. Crazy. Crazy, I tell ya!

  3. LOL you always make me laugh..love this post. Love the pictures of your fashion icon...she is definitely your girl!!! I love how you capture everything...every little moment. You allow for the reader to feel as though they are there with you..Great post!!! And yes your men are very handsome!!! You lucky ladies!!!

  4. HA....I love it. The old DITA posts I fell in love with all ran by my mind and I can't wipe this grin off my face. This is stellar Dita at her very best. Just loved it.

    And what a gargantuan amount of pictures. (Whew....that had to hurt...lol) I love how you captured a moment and shared every facet of it. All these pictures are totally smoochable.

    As are you. I feel like I just had my fix. My Dita fix. Love you to bits girl!!!

  5. Oh my, you know how to crack me up!!!! I just love your sense of humor, your passion for your family and your GORGEOUS photos of your stunning family!!! I am so happy to report that ALL blog photos are loading today on my iPhone - woo hooooo!!!! And for the record, you would still rock a track suit!!!!!


  6. So jealous of your lens. Very cute photos! Oh and who cares about settings -you aren't a loser lol

  7. Hahaha!!! Now I know the cure for the workday morning blues...a trip to your blog my dear! I'm all goo for the sweet faces too :)

  8. Oh My Darling Dita...

    I have no doubts that you still turn heads...

    Your daughter is GORGEOUS and your men are HANDSOME and all of you are BLESSED!

    It's been so long since I've gone blog surfing. I have always loved yours. Thanks for the laughter! :)

    Love and blessings,

    PS...I'm a black jogging suit-a-holic too...minus the jogging. ;-)