Sunday Snapshot: My Ray of Sunshine

Single First

See this little ray of sunshine?
She's my shadow.
Glued at the hip, she and I...
and I wouldn't have it any other way.

She's an explorer, just like her Mama.

6 space collage all

She's curious...curious to see it, smell it, touch it
and absolutely compelled to talk about it...

to anyone and everyone who'll listen.


She's a chatterbox, alright...she must get that from her father.


She's plenty capable of amusing herself no matter where she is.
But I'm her favorite playmate so there's little chance of me getting ANYTHING else done when she's around.


And, of course, she has to add extra DRAMA because, well....it's just in her blood!
She's a Diva on Training Wheels.



She's full of energy, happiness, smiles and boundless kisses all day, every day.
She runs through the house and kisses me for no reason at all
(which is clearly the very BEST reason I can think of)

And, did I mention, she always gets her way?
I didn't really need to mention that, did I?

Well....just look for yourself.
Take a gander at her "moves"...she's got 'em all down pat.
It's impossible not to give in to her...kinda like trying to keep your eyes open when you sneeze.
Nope...its NOT happenin'.


In a few short weeks my shadow starts kindergarten.


She keeps reassuring me and reminding me not to worry because I'll be okay while she's gone...
and she tells me not to cry when the school bus pulls away each day.


I knew it was inevitable...she'd be off to explore new things
but I never thought about the fact that she'd be doing that exploring without me.
Nor did I imagine that the time would come so soon.

My little Miss Confident.


Don't grow up so fast Little Girl.


I just want to savor the sweetness of another wonderful day
 in the life of me and my very BEST friend.


All images were taken with my
Canon 50D
85mm 1.4
The first image settings were: 
ISO 320
f 2.2

It was processed in CS5 with MCP Fusion and then
I then used several curves and level adjustments to give the image as clean a look as possible.

Be sure to visit Stefanie at Ni Hao Y'all.
She's always up to something over there
and there are some amazing photographers linked up just waiting 
for you to discover the beauty in everyday.

Ni Hao Yall

Thrilled beyond words to report:
I was featured as a the weekly winner this past week on Stefanie's 
Sunday Snapshot at Ni Hao y'All!

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Ni Hao Yall


  1. What a post! She's the loveliest shadow around, for sure. Off to Kindergarten, wow. Is it half day or full day? L is starting 1rst grade and it will be her first time going to school for a full day. She already informed me I will have absolutely nothing to do all day with her at school. Ha! The pictures are stunning, and orange is a BEAUTIFUL color on her! Were you in Anthropologie? You know I have a thing for that place, right?

  2. Oh my, kindergarten already?!?! That hardly seems possible. I adore these shots, is there a color that she CAN'T wear? I don't think so.

    And LOL @ getting that chatterbox-ness from her Daddy. HAHA! That one made me giggle.

    Have a great week, my friend!! Love ya!

  3. AWWHHH....GIRL.....every session becomes my favorite. But this one really is tops. Just love all your little details.

    And Sweetie......could not be more beautiful. Serious modeling in her future. Have you started on her portfolio yet? Do it....she's such a natural.

    Chatterbox??? bwah ha ha....yeah....JR all the way!!

    mwah xoxoxo

  4. Oh wow! I don't even recognize her...she's so BIG and BEAUTIFUL!! Love everything about this set...the clothes, the colors, the stunning model :) She's perfect in every way. I should buy Kleenex stock because I know you'll be needed truckloads of them real soon <3

  5. Sweetie Pie is so blessed to have you for her mom...

    I'm not sure a little one can get anymore gorgeous than your girl... I have to wonder what it feels like to look into the eyes of your beautiful reflection...and how she must melt your heart to pieces. No question why she would get anything she wants with those EYES! :)

    Enjoy kindergarten sweet girl!

    Hang in there mom...its not easy to turn this corner...



    Love these shots of your little beauty..... and LOL that she gets her chattiness from her Daddy. Who are you kidding? She is ALL YOU.... okay, maybe a little bit of the HC, but mostly you:)

    Have a fabulous week my friend!!