Sweetie Grows Up

Angel Color and BW

 As I was getting my baby ready for her second dance recital last week I found my mind wandering  applying the requisite makeup she certainly didn't need  her flawless skin....

1 horizontal

I imagined myself catapulted 20 years...to the day I will hold this same exquisite face (the one I've kissed 10,000 times and will kiss a million more) in my hands on her wedding day.

A force to be reckoned with for certain

1 verticle

Sweet perfection

2 Sweet

And everything in between....

She is...
forever my daughter
my heart
my every.single.thing.


  1. This made me cry.
    They grow so quickly, don't they?
    I feel the same way about Kaishon.
    He is my everything. My absolute favorite little person on all the planet. And now he is not so little. I miss little. Enjoy your little.
    Thank you for being such a tremendous friend. I appreciated your kind words about the pictures last night. You made my night.

  2. She's beautiful, so much joy! Love that you are back posting "more often"! Have a great summer!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. Ahh....so glad you're back here on your blog....missed my visits. (Of course....I wish I was heading down the highway for a real visit right now. One day...soon!)

    Now....just tell Sweetie to stop growing up will you. Way too fast. With the make-up on we can see the...eeeekkkk.....teenager she will be. Gorgeous but way to early. Let's stop that clock already!!)