Happy 5th Birthday, Sweetheart!

Words cannot express the joy you bring to my life.
You are my love, my daughter...my whole world.

Happy 5th Birthday, Baby!

_L0A2348 Small WM Slightly Darker

You take my BREATH away!

_L0A2325 Small WM

(and I am so grateful for you every.single.day!)

_L0A2368 Small WM


  1. Wow! These pictures take MY BREATH AWAY!!! What a gorgeous little diva! Happy Bday Sweetie!

  2. Oh my...these pics might rank as my all time favorite of Sweetie Pie! (if that's possible)

    Happy 5th Birthday to your precious little beauty!!

    Love from St. Louis!

  3. I always think of her as older than AA; we were watching her grow and seeing her way before we got AA, and to think AA is one year older (09/16/06). I must find AA some cute sandals. Your Sweetie Pie is adorable!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

    P.S. Since it was Ford's birthday present to have the photo lesson with Laureen, I didn't talk to her at all..... Didn't get a chance. I thought she knew we all knew each other. You DO know everyone!