Back to School

Kindergarten Blkbd WM

Go Get'em, 6th Grader!

AN Back to School WM

Oh, and don't you worry one iota, Kiddie.
You've made it through another summer.

Kiddie Box WM
Your Christopher*Robin will be back home before you know it!


  1. He looks more like the Velveteen Rabbit, methinks.

  2. Happy first day of the big grade 6 WB. So glad Kiddie is so well taken care of.

    For a well-loved pet - he's in a amazing shape. (You should see the assortment here - they see the washer once a week they're that bad!)


  3. Looks like he had some fond anticipation of his first day! 6th grade what an amazing year he will have.

    I love the bunny! I collect them. He looks in great shape!
    Happy day with one in school!
    : )

  4. I hope your handsome boy had a wonderful first day!! Summer's end has been bittersweet for us...... Here is to a fabulous year!!


    PS.... Nick flashed me a similar look as he got out of the car and walked up the path to enter the school


  5. Here's to a fabulous year of 6th grade for WB. How can he be in 6th grade already? I'm sure you ask yourself that too..

    Handsome young man. :)

  6. Just passing by to say "HOLA! and see how you are doing! Great I see! Is your little sweetie going to school too or only your handsome boy? They do grow too fast, don't they? My old one is now is his last year, grade 12! Expecting to be finish in January and then off to Colombia for 2 to 3 months to live with my family and practice his Spanish! My baby girl started junior high this year! 4 more years and that's it! Scary!! Chaito!

  7. 6th grade. He is so cute. What a sweetie : ) I hope he has the most wonderful year. Stop growing up baby. STOP GROWING UP!

  8. Wow!!! 6th grade already?! Our boy is growing up so fast! Hope he had a great 1st day at school!

  9. I hope this is a great year for your Wonder Boy! He sure looks like he could be heading into high school. :) That is one handsome young man!!!!

    Have a great day today! Miss you! :)