Good for What Ails Me

I've been putting in lots of extra hours on a project at work.

In fact, I had to go away and leave my babies TWICE for several days
in the last month in connection with work.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't go away without my kids.
I just don't.
It damn near killed me.

JR has really stepped up and been handling all the Daddy AND Mommy duties.

Yeah, I know you noticed but were too cool to call me out on it....
I haven't even had time to update here.

I have hundreds of photos that need editing and several events I hadn't had time to post about.
I will get to them and I have promised myself that I'll post them....
I just need to figure out where I can steal the time from!

All the traveling, commuting, running around, working, mommying, entertaining, etc. have just worn me flat out.

I am definitely burning the candle on both ends.
It's no wonder I woke up this week with a nasty sore throat.
I just don't have TIME to be sick!

JR, WB and Sweetie decided to surprise me with some hot tea
and lots of hugs when I got home from work tonight.

Sweetie insisted on dressing the part and checking my vitals.
She's getting so big.

My little Trio....perfect for what ails me!





  1. Found your blog through The long road to China =) LOVE her dress up clothes! ;-) I had a nurse costume when I was a kid too!

  2. Dita...

    She is adorable. Who wouldn't want to have such a Sweetie Pie to help fix what's broken? Hope you're feeling better soon!


  3. I can so realte to burning that candle on both ends! Somedays I don't even know how I do it! We just need to keep on going though, don't lose momentum...
    Hope that sore throat is feeling all better and hug those adorable kiddos for me!
    Have a good day!

  4. Oh honey - I know this schedule is whipping your butt and sure hope things get smoother for you soon. Sorry you're under the weather now too (what's with that? - no time, no time!!)but just look at your Sweetie, taking care of mama.

    They're the best!!! Feel better real soon. I'll be ready for a chat when you come up for air!!

    Love you!!!!

  5. Big hug to you sweet Dita!

    A dose of that adorable Sweetie Pie would be enough to make anyone feel better no matter how sick they were!

    And she really does look grown up in these pics...wow!

    Take care of yourself, my friend...

    Love and hugs,

  6. Sweet Pea couldn't get any cuter!! Lover her nurses outfit and the strands of hair peeking through! I know you've been busy, but I miss you! Would love to have breakfast one of these days and hopefully, play some dress up with SP ;o) Let me know when you have some time for little ol' me!

  7. Talk about a spoonful of sugar! She is just what the Dr. ordered (and married for that matter).

    So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, beieve me when I tell you been there, done thay. My immune system has been takn over by morauding germs who will not surrender.

    Hope you are up to re-connect soon!


  8. Oh the life of the working mama! I hear ya, sister!

    Precious shots, way cute!

  9. Oh, Dita! I am so sorry that you are so busy. That feeling is the worst. You are such a great Mommy and Worker and just person in general!

    You nurse is the prettiest thing I have ever seen :) I hope you feel much better quickly. Will pray for you! With love, Becky

  10. I know you are burning the candle at both ends, but your body is telling you to slow down. You are not getting the rest you need......you are beginning to worry me my friend. get through this project and then you need to take a little break or cut back all of your extended hours and spend some time chilling with your beautiful family.

    How sweet are these pictures of Nurse Sweetie!! I bet seeing her like this was like instant antibiotics.... she probably had you feeling better in no time!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend..... Happy Early Bday to Sweetie~