La Dolce Vita

We were busy this weekend making up for lost time.

I was away from the family last weekend for only the second time EVER.
I was attending
I promise, I'll be posting about that amazing event very, very soon.
(as soon as I can get my photos edited...I am so behind all the other girls!)

So, this weekend there was no shortage of Mama Hoarding.
JR and the kids all took turns being attached to me at the hip.
Mind you, I might moan a good piece however,
I can't say that I don't enjoy all the lovin' they bombarded me with...
even when its hot and sticky here with nearly 100% humidity.

On Saturday, Sweetie had her first ever big girl birthday party to attend
and WonderBoy spent a couple hours with his tutor.

He's been visiting a tutor a few times a week for a month now and
I'm betting on him to be the very first horse out of the gate
when the new school year starts.
Look out 6th grade!

JR and I divided and conquered with the kids' activities in the morning
and the 4 of us met up for lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots.

Then we went on to have some of the best frozen yogurt ever.

I decided that it was time to introduce the kids and JR to one of my secret haunts...
a real old-fashioned candy store.

Sweetie thought she was dreaming when she walked in.

And WonderBoy...well, he couldn't catch his breath.
There, among the shelves were the candies I had told him about from my youth...
Delfa Rolls (I drool just writing that), super huge Pixie Stix, RAZZLES,
Licorice pipes, SenSen, Ice Cubes, TeaBerry, Fruit Stripe gum,
Violets and the enigmatic and oh, so politically incorrect (but , so fun!) candy cigarettes
(all varieties...candy, gum and chocolate),
and so much more.

Well, why talk about it when I can show you...
Welcome to Candy Nirvana.
(at least that's what I call it!)










Here's WonderBoy negotiating with JR regarding the overabundance of
his bag compared to that of his sister's bag.

Gotta give my little lawyer in training credit...
he used a ratio by weight argument; made his point well and won his case.
I'd say that tutoring is paying off in gold (covered bubble gum) nuggets!




The kids had a ball.
(so did their parents!)

As we drove the sugared up littles home,
we marveled at the giant clouds above,

and commented
(so contentedly!)
how gorgeous they were,
whilst downing their earthly cousin...
a massive bag of blue cotton candy...
which was completely devoured by all 4 of us in the car on the 5 minute ride home.

Here's the cull that did make it home
(absent a few hidden treats that Mama quickly secured to the Pirate's Booty bag in her purse for rainy (unruly kid) days.)

Er, uh, ummmm....guess I'll start that diet on Monday.

Some Monday.


  1. Wow!!! The candy...the colors...the clouds... it must be HEAVEN!

  2. That looks like so much fun.

    I am surprised how different the East Coast candy is from the West Coast candy, we had very different childhoods based on the candy choices we were both presented with.

    Where are the Abba Zabbas, Jaw Breakers, Cup Of Golds, Red Hots, Goobers, Raisinets, Pop Rocks et al?

    I feel sorry for you Jersey Girl.

  3. Looks like you really made up for being out of town at Lisa's workshop. You certainly brought back loads of memories of my childhood. I too loved the bubble gum cigarettes (terrible I know!). Do you ever go into the city and visit that huge candy store owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter? Always wanted to visit, but never have gotten the chance. Probably a good thing... ;-)

  4. Next time I come to NJ, we are skipping lunch and heading straight to that old fashioned candy store:)

    WHAT FUN!!! I was a huge fan of those candy cigs when I was little, also loved razzles and pop rocks!!!

    Gotta love a kid who knows how to negotiate......I would say WB's tudor is definitely paying off.

    Hope your week is off to a great start~



  5. what beautiful pictures...I love old fashioned candy stores : ) the kids looked like they were enjoying it too LOL

  6. Candy Nirvana indeed! (Yet another reason I'm convinced we were separated at birth.)Wow...did you bring back memories. The happiest part of my childhood. (One in which I often frequent in my head!)

    And you are rockin' that camera girl. That workshop is paying off. So crisp and clear and the sky.....wow.

    Yeah...I'm with you.....some Monday, just not this one!

    Happy week!

  7. Wow!!! Do they have any of the sour belts?! That's my favorite :) You must share where this little gem is located, then again...maybe not! This diet needs to go back into effect immediately, especially after my red velvet cheesecake fiasco! Funny you should mention the clouds, I've noticed them too! We've been having some beautiful skies lately :)

  8. OMG, Fruit Stripe Gum was my favorite as a kid! I'd go through a whole pack in a matter of minutes, as I only like the taste for about 20 seconds and then will spit it out for a new piece!! HAHA!

    Love these pics, I felt like I was there with you, wandering around surrounded in sugar. Looks like a little piece of heaven!

  9. Wow! That candy store looks awesome! Love your pictures of it too!

  10. ohhh sweets!!!!! no i really want to go to walmart now. lol

  11. Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow! What wonderful pictures. I love the color and the fun. I can almost taste the sweetness! : )

    I also love your kids. They are the cutest little things on the planet. And they have the best mommy!

    I laughed this morning when I saw how many comments you left. You are so nice and good to me Dita : ) Let's be friends forever and ever!

  12. What SWEET fun! Love the post. Don't know how you keep up with everything! And posts about your photography session? I can't wait (and am SO jealous).
    Someday, I dream of having girl friends to chat, laugh and share like you do (I work in a business with 99% men - all my life and through college, actually, I am uncomfortable around alot of women - confession time). Must be why I love reading your blog. Someday I need to meet you. So looking forward to it.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy