Black and White Wednesday: Growin' Up

WonderBoy insists on mimicking every teenage boy he runs across.
He bumped into his cousin's prom date the other day and he's been walking and talking just like him...and, oh, that sideways hat!

WonderBoy doesn't realize he doesn't need gimmicks or stuff to maintain his current status of cutest boy on the block...he just has to look inward.

Though not that easy to live with these Tween days...I adore every ounce of him and empathize with the new feelings and emotions that come with growin' up.

WB Sepia Sideways Hat WM

It's Black and White Wednesday
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  1. Oh boy...I seem to recall going through the same angst. And I had to just get through it - listened to nobody.

    And I get little hints of history repeating itself already (and she's SEVEN and a HALF!!)

    Love this shot sweetie. Despite the sideways hat - he's looking an awful lot like a .....cough...sputter...man. (Is that fasten your seatbelt sign flashing yet?)

    Love you Sweetie. Miss you too!

  2. Great shot! My son went through a sideways hat period a few years back and now he's all about wearing his hood up. Ahhhh teens!

  3. He is too cool for words! And cute too! =)
    Got to love the tween years!

  4. Wow is he really looking grown up in this shot. Scares me to death just thinking about my sweet girl at this age. I'm taking a deep breathe right now!

    BTW... love the name of your photography business. I'm still trying to come up with something good. Never thought it would be this challenging. :-)

  5. Love it!!! WB looks very much the teenager here!! And I so get the "prom date" reference! He does looks exactly like him with the hat! But that's ok, because "Prom Date" was a cutie patootie too! Even though you and I know that all WB has to do is be himself, it's going to take him awhile for him to finally figure that out. Heck!! I'm in my 20's and sometimes, I still want to fit in with the "cool kids". Welcome to the Teen Years, baby!!

  6. I have some of that tween stuff happening over here too...what a handsome young man your son is! Love your sidebar pics too!

  7. he's pretty cute :) the tween years can be tricky - lucky for wonderboy he is so very loved!

  8. Really cool shot! I have a 7-year-old going on 18 with a whole lot of attitude.

    Erika B

  9. Misery loves company my friend!! Nick is in this same "stage/age".....it can be very trying to say the least! In the end we both have good boys.....they will make mistakes, we just need to make sure they learn from them:)

    He is so handsome!! Love the sideways cap~

    Sorry I am bailing on you tomorrow....maybe Saturday!



  10. I love the sideways hat! He looks adorable, but of course being a tween he probably doesn't want to hear that. You speak of the Yin and the Yang of having a tween so eloquently I hope to do the same some day.
    Happy Wednesday.

  11. That Wonder Boy of yours...he is one good lookin tween!

    I'm thrilled to see you have given your amazing talent a name! Love it!

    Love and hugs!

  12. Oh, this momma has a very soft spot in her heart for my boy and I can sure see that you do too! Beautiful photo. It almost glows! Gorgeous, really!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  13. Great shot of your WonderBoy, and I love the message that you have for him. Very beautiful.

  14. So handsome...and so very blessed to have a family that nurtures and embraces his discovery time.

  15. He is such a cool/handsome dude! lol ;)