Happy Anniversary: 11 Years Together Forever

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Yet another year has passed, my precious Boy Wonder, and after 11 years,
you still hold my hand.

Some days it seems like yesterday when I first held you in my arms
and other days it seems like a lifetime ago.

I marvel at how you drew me to you
and how my love for you
completely changed my life, our lives,
in one single day;
I am so incredibly blessed to be your mother;
to spend every day with you,
watching you...
remembering our past,
savoring today
and dreaming of our future.
I love you with every single ounce of my heart.
I wouldn't change one second
of the last 11 years we have shared together.
Thank you for being my son.
Happy Anniversary!


  1. Your blog is such a gift to your family, I hope you are binding it into a book! Your love for your two children is amazing and your writing so beautiful and telling.

    Alyabeth's Mommy

  2. A love story never ending... Forever and ever.

  3. Two hearts meant to be together. Forever! I can always feel your heart bursting when you speak of your Wonderboy. A wonder indeed!


  4. I love that you two have one another. And that your circle expanded over the years to include more family. Congrats on your special day!

  5. ...and I forgot to mention something sweetums. This shot of WB? Fabulous. What a gorgeous shot. The eyes...OH - and it's so vibrant. (You been doin' some sewious studyin' girlie.)

    Happy Ann!

  6. Happy forever family day!!! I love that word forever. And I can feel how much you love him through your words! Congrats.

    He is one handsome young man. :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful words for such an incredible bond.

  8. Family is the joining of people who have a shared love and devotion to one another.

    You have created a beautiful family circle and each is so lucky to be joined by the other.

    Happy Anniversary to a very handsome young man and his wonderful mother.


  9. Happy Anniversary! What a handsome boy and a wonderful gift from God!

    (love the picture!)

  10. Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful testimony to the last 11 years. He is a very special little boy.... and it is so fun to follow your blog and watch him as he grows and matures into a young man....a handsome young man:)

    Enjoy and cherish every moment... the years pass by way too quickly.



  11. So, so sweet, Dita! What a day to celebrate... the day you became a family :)
    I just LOVE that he still holds your hand, you are one blessed mama!!
    Hugs on your special day (or in this case, a few days late ;))!!
    oxox :)

  12. I was over here the other day...soaking in all the handsomeness of your son. Then I clicked on the links and was reading thru the stories...then distraction came into my sewing room....
    So I am back to say...Congratulations on 11 years of blessings with this drop dead gorgeous young man in your life!

    Love and blessings,

  13. Things happen for a reason. At the time, we may not comprehend, but in the end, we see the really "reason" come to light. You and WB were just meant to be! Congratulations on another special year together!! I love you both!

  14. So beautiful...

    and that picture...WOWZA!

  15. Oh my goodness that made me teary and touched the soul. I love your love for him, for your family! You are precious and strong and brave and I wish I knew you in person Ms. Dita!

    Have a beautiful day.

  16. Oh, I am so very, very thankful you get to be his Mama. He is a sweet child. Filled with love and adventures. He definitely adds excitement and wonder to your life! Happy Birthday baby!