Paradise Found

We're still here (thank goodness!) in Paradise celebrating our 4th anniversary.

I've had my share of internet connectivity problems down here but, in truth, JR and the kids are happy to see that Mama took a computer break this week while we are all enjoying our favorite spot.

The weather has been spectacular, the food, drinks, service and sights...stellar... and we can hardly believe how fast the time is going.

I have lots of pictures to share but they'll have to wait until we're home and this beautiful place is safely tucked into our memories...as we plan our next visit.

For now, I'll leave you with some images of our little gang soaking up the sun and sea.


(to all your photog buffs...no Ps or Lr down here, so these are SOTC...it pained me to do it but I did!)


  1. Straight out the camera and straight to my heart. (All except for your sweet face - sadly missing!?!)

    Is that what I think it is perched on that chartreuse beauty in the last picture? Oh my.......Happy Anniversary indeed.

    So happy to hear you sound so relaxed and enjoying all that Paradise has to offer. Soak it all up babe!!


  2. I've been wondering where you've been...and now I see. You're in paradise!

    Would have never know these were SOOC, except I did read that in tiny print. Stunning images. You captured your trip so well.

    And Happy Anniversary, what a beautiful ring!!! Best wishes for many more happy years together!

    Beautiful post!

  3. So happy that you are relaxing!!! You deserve a break!!! Enjoy your time with your family!!!!
    The pictures are so beautiful!!!!

  4. Paradise looks good on you! Your family looks like they are having the time of their lives....enjoy!

  5. Thank you for added that GORGEOUS shot of you! (What?...in blue and au natural and still gorgeous.)

    One word.....wow! (OK two...hot babe!)

    Soak up the last of that r&r.

  6. Beautiful pictures! So glad you're taking some time to relax and enjoy your family. Happy Anniversary!

  7. What great pictures! You look fabulous and so relaxed in that picture! And that ring! WOW! I want an anniversary week like you!
    I'm showing my hubby this post! lol

  8. Wow, you made me want to go there (where?) - everything and everyone is so beautiful :) LOVE the photos of SP with her pink roses in hair and sweet very content look on her gorgeous little face.

    SOOC!? Why edit?

    Enjoy the rest of your trip - can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

  9. oops I meant rosebuds on swimming suit :)

  10. OH WOW.... GORGEOUS!!!! It does look like a little slice of heaven....what a wonderful week you must have had!! You all look so happy, relaxed, and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! So happy to see you there in a picture too......but I will be happier when I get to see you face to face:) I am selfishly happy you are heading home today...... I have missed you!!

    Safe travels my friend!!

    Luv Ya,


  11. Beautiful!!!!! All of it!!!!! Enjoy : )

  12. Looks like an amazing family get away!!! Cant wait to hear more about it and see more pics!!! Happy 4th!!

  13. Happy Anniversary! You all look so wonderful, but you my dear, look positively radient. I love you in color!!!!

    How wonderful your piece of heaven looks, would love to be there people watching and enjoying a frothy drink next to you on a lounge chair.

    I thought you left on the 10th did I have my dates wrong? I hope you are still enjoying paradise, but if not, can't wait to hear all about it.

    Love V

  14. Happy Anniversary! Looking like a relaxing fun trip for all of you...and the bauble in the last photo is beautiful! You look well rested and loving the time away...a much deserved break!
    Enjoy paradise!

  15. Looks like paradise to me! Enjoy making memories. Your pics are still beautiful and so are you!

    Love and blessings,

  16. Breathtaking my dear!
    Happy Anniversary!

  17. Happy for you taking a vacation, your family looks so pleased with the week. Rest and relax!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  18. The pics look great! Especially of the family! Everyone's pink from the sun! And that's a lot of bling on that flower! Lol! I don't remember my plant coming adorned with it some on my last visit ;o)

  19. Oh I am so glad you are relaxing or were relaxing. Hope it was wonderful in every way. The images of everyone looking just rested and your paradise looks like a beautiful place to find peace. Hoping you bring that feeling of being there home with you.

  20. Enjoy! Looks like heaven to me!

  21. What a great time we had. Thanks for all the comments.
    More pictures to come!