Croquet Anyone?

Hmmm, this looks interesting.
The box says:
Croquet is an easy game to play.
At the same time it provides a genteel and competitive pastime.

Lemme get this straight.
I take this heavy wooden mallet and
try to hit this equally heavy mini bowling ball.
Okay, I'll give it the ol' preschool try.
Batter up!
(only you're not supposed to miss...you didn't see that, did you?)

I have been informed that the goal is to gracefully move the ball along.
I ask you...if you want to gracefully move the ball along
why not just pick it up (while wearing a strand of pearls)
and move the ball along!

Problem solved!
What'll they think of next...doing it while riding a horse?


  1. She has the right idea! lol
    Love her outfit and pearls!

  2. Hmmm....I'm thinking she might just be a lot like her Momma. Am I right? Well of course I am.

  3. Well I personally like her rules......it sounds so much easier and it looks way more fun!!

    She is so darn cute...... and yes, I do think she is just like her Momma:)

    Good to see you posting again...... I missed you during your hiatus.



  4. Hahaha....good one!!! That is exactly the dialogue that was going on. You must be her mother or something!

    Adorable pictures, my friend. One cutie petutie moment captured and frozen. LOOOVED IT! The last one is just so perfect. And the pearls?....well.......the only proper accessory to complete that adorable attire for such a genteel activity......after all!

    Thanks for the big grin and warm feeling!

  5. LOL she is adorable!!! Love her rules. Love the pearls...such a little fancy pants : )

  6. What a doll!! And that outfit...she looks like a big girl already!! I can't believe it!

    BTW- It was so nice seeing you this weekend! I've missed you! Glad we got to catch up a bit, I think we talked a mile a minute for the entire hour ;o)

  7. Oh my word, I just love your little cutie. And her rules sound great to me. The outfit and pearls are perfection! :)

    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  8. Wow! Croquet... that brings flashbacks to my childhood! I always loved the sound of the mallet cracking the ball. I have to admit though.... I never played with pearls!
    What a cutie she is!
    On a side note... I can't wait to me you! I keep thinking we should entitle the commute with the four of us "Thelma and Louise ~ The Double Feature" .

  9. Oh my word...that Sweetie Pie is the CUTEST...more ADORABLE...little croquet player!

    Thanks for the laughter! :D


  10. Loving the pearls. She looks about 5 all of a sudden....what happened?

    Are pearls that aging a gem?

    Where is everybody meeting; I want to come!

    Love V