Black and White Wednesday: My Babies and Me

These photos were taken 3 weeks ago.
Clearly, they are far from the best in terms of photo quality
(did I mention the blur I was plaqued with with my new lens on our vacation?);
however, they are two of my favorite photos taken to date?



Because I'm in it with my kids (a complete anomaly)
and all three of us were captured displaying our true personalities.
(Good goin', JR!)

WonderBoy is the intoxicatingly handsome, born charmer workin' it
for whatever he's being promised on the other side of the camera.
(Whatever came after "hold still for just one more picture" )

Sweetie is both curious and careful at the same time;
curious as to what's going on all around her but careful enough to stay close by
in case she needs to avail herself of the big guns.

And me? Well, I'm rarely in front of the camera so these are, indeed, special.
My kids will know that I actually did go on family vacations with them.

More, though, these photos capture the way I feel about these two amazing children...
they're my whole world and there's nothing more important
to me than sharing life together with these two very special little people.

It's Black and White Wednesday
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  1. Three stunningly beautiful people.

    It is SO good to see you in a photo.

    Your natural beauty is enhanced by your palpable adoration for your children.

    I wish it was a family shot, JR is like frosting on the cake!

    Love V

  2. Oh, so beautiful...spoken from a mother's heart! What a precious shot and too funny how it shows each child's personality. And good for you for actually getting in the picture! It's a challenge for me too.

    Looks like you had a great vacation!

  3. B & White sometimes makes "everything" better.

    Happy Blog Hopping.

  4. Beautiful photo. I am so happy for your mother's heart. Your children are so beautiful and so is their mum :)

  5. How wonderful to have these photos of you and your little ones. I too am plagued with the same malady. I have just a few photos of my with my kids and/or family. I really need to make sure I push the camera into my hubbies hands more often so I can capture a few priceless gems like you have.

    You have one beautiful family!

  6. I love them!!! So important that we are in images too... so many times I am editing and wish I had shoved my camera at someone and jumped in too!

  7. Captivating photos - not surprising considering the subjects...
    Great to see you in the picture! Great job by DH.

  8. I just LOVE the pictures. I really didn't see the blur in the first one at all.
    And I totally know what you mean about not getting to be in the pictures because you are the one taking them. How wonderful to have this one!

    Can't wait to meet everyone!

  9. I do love all of your expressions! You are right about a bit of blur, but your glasses are so clear and crisp. I love that. With the focus on you it definitely brings out your affection for your two darlings.

  10. I love them! Pics w/a mom in them are always so beautiful. you can see joy in her face.

  11. Beautiful photos of you and your kiddos. Your family is simply lovely.

  12. We must have gotten the same memo to make an appearance in our B&W shots ;o) You look stunning!! I don't know why you don't jump into the pictures more often! Glad you're coming out of hiding, my love!

  13. Truly stunning...your world is a beautiful one Dita, on the inside and out.

    I'm not sure what blur you're talking about because I don't see it. The pics are gorgeous. And taking a cue from you, I'll be working on having some pics of me and my 2. I'm always behind the lens.

    Have a great Wednesday. :)

  14. Said perfectly darling! I'm wildly crazy about these because they do capture you all perfectly. (Show JR how to use the delay so he can jump into the shot next time. I do it everytime - and you know why? Twenty or fifty years from now - these are the pictures our kiddos will gaze at and remember - it's for them.)

    I love your heart, my friend - almost as much as I love your gorgeous face. Get ready for a huge hug....soon!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous Dita!!! All 3 of you!

    Happy Wednesday!

  16. Visiting from black and white, I love your pictures and I really love your descriptions of everyone. Your blog is really great!

  17. Just beautiful!! You and your kiddos are gorgeous!!

    The blurriness plaqued me on vacation too....


  18. Beautiful pictures....beautiful family....beautiful love! ;)

  19. Oh I just LOVE them!! I must be emotional because I am tearing up looking at everyone's posts this week! bummer about your lens, but yay about these beautiful photos!

  20. Dita! You are so beautiful! You should be in front of the camera every chance you get. Oh my heart. You look like Sophia Loren. Only prettier : )

    I love these images so much. I often say, and by often I mean almost EVERY day, that most of my favorite pictures are not perfect. They are blurry or out of focus and sometimes the lighting is terrible, but they are perfect because of the subject :) And really, if you think about it, what in life is perfect : )

    I am so excited you got a new lens and I am so excited you are on your dream vacation. What a wonderful time for you.

  21. I can see why these are your favorite pictures to date.......BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY!!!

    You words perfectly describing the emotion and what is going through their little minds!!

    I always love to see you in front of the lens, but it is even better to see you there surrounded by your loved ones:) Way to go JR for rockin the camera!!!

    Were these taken on the Communion Day? Makes them that more special:)

    Luv Ya and can't wait to see you!!! Was hoping we could squeeze a lunch in before the workshop....we'll have to compare calendars!!