Hand in Hand: 10 Years of Forever...Together

To My Boy Wonder:

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the day our lives were inextricably

We began this journey as you placed your tiny little hand inside mine
and entrusted me with your whole life.

Blog Hands-5

I've spent the last decade playing with you, guiding you, holding you,
comforting you and loving you with these hands.

Blog Hands-2

Your once tiny hands are now the size of mine.
I still marvel at the pleasure of just holding your hand.
Blog Hands

I'm honored that you never shy away from holding my hand
and that you even reach for it when I least expect it.

I know exactly how special that is given that you're 10 years old
and holding hands with your mom isn't that cool...
but that doesn't seem to bother you!

Blog Hands-4

So, my amazing son, continue to hold my hand and let us walk through this life
being what we were meant to be...

Blog Hands-6
Happy Anniversary!
I love you.


  1. You did it, you made me misty. I love the thoughts behind the beautiful photos.

    Very touching and how lucky that you have one another.

    Happy Anniversary.

  2. I think my eyes actually welled up... and you KNOW how hard that is for someone like me. Happy Anniversary (and happy birthday yesterday, WB).

  3. Beautifully written, I have tears in my eyes now. Happy Anniversary to you and your sweet young man!

  4. Just beautiful Dita. Sons truly are an amazing gift to their mothers.

  5. Such a sweet and tender post....you have such a way with words. I always leave here feeling like I am about to cry!! Happy Anniversary to you and WB:)



  6. Geesh, I wasn't expecting to cry before bed tonight! Happy 10 yrs!

  7. Dita...you did it again... I'm sitting here with tears running down my face! Your love for your family just permeates from your beautiful words about them. Thank you for sharing the deepest part of your heart with us! Pat yourself on the back that your son still holds your hand at the age of 10. That says a lot about his love for you. :)

    Love you!

  8. So happy for both of you.....
    What a gift you have for speaking into words the emotions of the heart.
    Simply.... beautiful..............

  9. Such wonderful sentiments, just beautiful!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  10. You always capture the most heartfelt sentiments with your words and pictures....and always leave me a little misty!
    Happy Anniversary to you and WB...

  11. OH Dita, such a beautiful post. I am still trying to catch up but I was excited to see that your blog was next on my list.... I always know how my heart will be warmed by your sweet words to your children!
    How lucky they are to have such a wonderful Mama.
    Hugs to you my friend.