Flattery Will Get You...


Conversation overheard last night in the other room

JR to WonderBoy: Because you didn’t listen to me before your mother got home from work and you didn’t take your shower, no game privileges tonight! (meaning X*Box)

WonderBoy to JR: But PAPA, I’m going to take my shower now, c’mon.

JR to WonderBoy: Nope, you do this all the time so now you’re just going to have to do without the game tonight.

WonderBoy to JR: Nope, that’s just not happenin’ (as he begins walking into the kitchen)

JR to the empty space where WonderBoy was standing seconds ago: Oh, no….don’t you go ask Mom because I said NO and that’s that.

WonderBoy to Me: (appearing in the kitchen sportin’ big, sad puppy dog eyes and attempting to put his arms around me) Mammmmmaaaa, I really, really wanna play my game tonight and Papa won’t let me.

Me to WonderBoy: I know, Honey, but Papa said no and I can’t do anything about that now because he already said no and I can't overrule him.

WonderBoy to Me: Yes you can, Mom, you far out rank him. You’re like a 5 Star General.

Me to WonderBoy: That’s right, Honey, so glad you realize that….now go have fun with your game.

WonderBoy II


  1. Dita!!
    You can't over-rule the Daddy. Oh man, now what did Dad say?
    We have the same things happening in our house.

  2. LOL! Well if he was mine, I'd have done the same thing...he melts my heart Dita. What a sweetie and I could fall into those eyes. 5 star general? :)))

  3. Oh my! I'm thinking I would be in divorce court over that one. :)

    Someone has his mama wrapped around his handsome little finger! heehee


  4. This is how governments are toppled. Divide and Conquer. Girl, you can't fall for that stuff, wonderboy has all the makings of a future player, smart, really good looking and not afraid to use his powers for self fulfillment...be strong and stand by your man. It's us adults against the kids...or they'll take us all over.

    Signed; one who knows.

  5. Oh my goodness you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for the smile today.
    Hope you are doing completely and wonderfully perfect today in every way.

    Hugs, Kristin

  6. I especially like the 5 Star General comment. Too cute.

  7. Hilarious.....the pictures really do day it all! ;)