Beauty Queen

See JR?
Yep, there he is.
He's tickled pink that he just got his lottery tickets.
On our way home the other day he was desperate to stop for some tickets.
Then we came upon this very macho liquor store/bar along the route so he ran in to get them
'cause the jackpot was climbin' and ya gotta be in it to win it, right?
Hey, what's that I see there?
Could it be?
Naa, it couldn't be.
He didn't.
Oh boy, he did......

It is so hard to hold the camera still when you realize that
your husband just went out in public
with your daughter's new pretty pink bow in his hair.


I laughed for an hour.

At least it matched his shirt!

Apparently someone's been watching way too many episodes of Toddl*rs & Ti*aras!

*Sweetie Pie likes to take her hair clips/bows out of her hair at least 100 times a day
JR has this habit of puting them in his hair so they don't get lost...perhaps he'll use his shirt from now on.


  1. OH MY WORD!!! Ask him if he'll pose for my blog :)
    Way cute!

  2. BwwwaaaaHaHaHaHa!!!! Pink is definitely his color though.

  3. That is hilarious! Your husband and you seem like so much fun and just good people in every way. You know if you lived near we would be best of friends and laughing constantly! My friend you are an amazing blessing to me. Thank you for your kind words and just you. You are wonderful and beautiful in every way. Know this!

    Happy, happy day to you. Sending you big sunshine all over your day, so catch it please.


  4. Love all your family posts. This is too funny. My DH clips them on his shirt anywhere they will fit (my DH has lots less hair that JR!).

    Catching up on all your news and the pictures are just wonderful!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy