Exploring Life's Little Treasures

It's been unseasonably chilly 'round these parts this last very rainy week.

 My little Sweetie has been my constant sidekick these last few months and with me on the phone and the computer much of the workday she's been doing her own brand of exploring of the everyday things right under our noses here in the house.

One of her favorite places by far to explore is her brother's room when he's gone at school.  
This venue has always held a certain forbidden allure for her.
I'm reminded of the time I caught her in there so long ago.

This afternoon I found her grabbing that gorgeous inlaid jewelry box his Grandpa brought home from Italy for him.
It was so heavy for her petite stature...

IMG_1615 WM FB

I watched her sitting there exploring within (with her brothers very cool dog tags strategically placed around her neck....as if he'd let her when he was home....NOT!)

and I am reminded of just how magical 4 can be.

IMG_1596 WM FB

Collage 6 Pictures

IMG_1601 WM FB

IMG_1605 WM FB

IMG_1619 WM FB

IMG_1620 WM FB

It's Snapshot Sunday.

Ni Hao Yall

Stop on over to Stef's place to catch up on some fabulous images and share the love with some great bloggers who have a serious slight photography addiction just like me.

These images were shot with my 50D
 and my favorite 50mm 1.4 lens
ISO 400
Exposure 1/125
f 1.8
Edited in Lightroom with MCP's Quick Click Actions
  and a lotta love. 


  1. She is so precious. I love that you are having so many special moments with her. : ) What a blessing.

  2. They all love exploring in big brothers room, don't they? S and R are the exact same way. They would stay in there ALL DAY LONG if I let them. Too many things for them to get into:)

    Sweetie is so adorable.... you can tell she was in heaven with that beautiful jewelry box. What a treasure!

    Gorgeous pics of your gorgeous girl!! Give her a smooch from us. We miss you all.



  3. How is it that she has a look that's more like 24 than 4?!? Oh, my friend... have you got your hands full with that beauty!
    Great to see you playing along again this week! LOVE it :)

  4. She is so cute!!
    I love the relationship that your children have with each other.

  5. A beauty like her mama!
    I think she needs her own blog , Ditas Diva!

  6. Hi Dita,
    Just had to stop by and comment on your sweet, big girl here! My oh my is she as gorgeous as ever. Beautiful like her Momma.

    Your photography is stunning btw. Rock on Canon girl.

    Hope to here from you one day!