Happy 12th Birthday, WonderBoy!

A few weeks ago, the Boy Wonder turned 12.

We celebrated his birthday with family on Easter and again several times that week with those who weren't able to join us on Easter.

We discovered an amazing bakery right in our neighborhood; actually, its the baker who's amazing. She's so creative that we can't pass by without picking up one of her sweet treats on a regular basis. Let's just say we've stopped trying to look for reasons to have cake because we're powerless under her spell.

WonderBoy decided he wanted to have a camouflage chocolate on chocolate cake (big surprise, right?!)
The baker was excited about creating something special and one of a kind for him so she requested his favorite toys for the top of the cake.
WonderBoy rummaged through the ridiculous amount of army men, tanks and aircraft he's amassed these last dozen years and came up with a few of his favorites. Although they're indoor toys, I had to wrestle with him to soak them overnight and then he and his father delivered them to the baker the following day. He couldn't understand why I insisted on washing them and he wasn't happy with me at all....

Until he saw his cake, that is....
and then he was oh, so happy!

Camo Cake Collage

Sweetie was uber excited for her brother's birthday that she'd wrapped up a present for him weeks before. She's big on wrapping and loves to help me wrap anything, including leftovers. In fact, she now asks why her good girl treats aren't wrapped when she earns one for doing something special at home or at school.
She's become somewhat of a wrapping snob, actually.

So when she heard his birthday was coming up and I saw her wrapping this present for "brother" I wasn't surprised. I did have to contain my laughter when she chose one of her favorite coloring books (all good'n used up, colored in and tattered) and wrapped it all by herself; even putting a recycled card on top that I had stashed for our arts and crafts. I was cracking up wondering how he was going to recieve this, uh, unique gift as I watched her hide it in her closet.

Gift 1 Collage

Then she told Nana as the birthday neared, that she wanted to wrap something else for him. My mother tells me that the contents of the second gift and all the wrapping with lots of "sticky tape" as she calls it....was again done all on her own.

I was so intrigued when I saw her stashing it with the other one but she refused to tell me what was inside and each day she checked on them in her hiding place waiting for the celebration day.

Sweetie Bday Gift to Brother Collage

I have to hand it to WonderBoy...he feigned complete and utter excitement when she handed him her special treasures (the used coloring book and a dollar bill). It just melted my heart. She was so proud.

Unbeknownst to him he was soon to be rewarded for his efforts when he finally opened the last gift...a special one from JR and me.

There was no need for him to feign excitement at all when he read what his gift was...because there's one place in the world that the Boy Wonder loves more than any other......and it was his wish to go there again this year.

DR Gift Collage

Bet you know how this story ends...our young Prince got his wish!

We're headed out of the country in a few weeks to celebrate his 12th birthday (along with another special occasion) on our favorite little paradise where sand, surf, sun and scrumptous food and drinks await!

He's been walking on air since!
We all have.


  1. I just love the relationship between sweetie pie and wonder boy.

    You will have an amazing time at your favorite spot. I love that this has become an annual tradition, everything you do, you do with style and panache and makes me wish I could be there too, just to be a part of your magic.

    Happy Birthday Wonder Boy, this should be your last year of being Wonder BOY, we will have to change your name to Marvelous-Man; I'll work on it.

    Love V

  2. I don't know what's more exciting here.... the birthday, the gifts she wrapped or the trip you are all going on...or that AWESOME cake! Happy Birthday to great Boy Wonder!

  3. I wondered if you were gong again this year. So glad the tradition continues. (And you all so need some of that good r&r in paradise.)

    Love these little gifts Sweetie surprised WB with. Those are treasures indeed. (And a wrapping snob you say. Hmmm.....where does she get that from?)

    Happy, happy birthday to your big 12 year old. I know he'll be enjoying his special present!!


  4. Oh my goodness. The dollar bill is so sweet. What a darling she is : )

    I love his cake! Hope his Birthday is all sorts of fantastic in your tropical paradise. Have fun.

  5. I know he had a fantastic birthday and that you are all looking forward to that amazing trip!!

    How sweet is that dollar bill....metls my heart!