Black & White Wednesday: Backyard Starlet

BW Side Whisper

You have the power to bring the world to you.

I've been watching you, Little Miss.


Just with a glance;

your sly little smile and the twinkling in your eye

renders mere mortals helpless beneath your gaze.

You are sheer perfection from the tip of your nose to the bottom of your toes.

Vanilla Side Glance

Where did you come from, my love?

Even I, with the grandest of imaginations, could never have dreamed you.

Head Down Hat

I am in a state of constant amazement when I hear the things that come out of you mouth.

At three years old you ask me what I'm thinking...and you actually wait for an answer.

Tonight when I told you that one day I'll be the Nana to your daughter, you cried and told me that I just couldn't do that because you always need me to be the Mommy.

Miss Personality

That feisty personality of yours just cracks me up.

It is the perfect foil to your truly compassionate, comforting and oh, so loving side.

I will remember these mornings for the rest of my life when you wake to find me up already

and beg me with sheer urgency to come back with you to bed to snuggle "in the nest"

...my sweet baby bird.

Princess Pout Arms Crossed

Three with Bella

I honestly don't know how we trudged along in life without you.

Not a day goes by when your father, your brother and I don't look at you and

beam as we fall deeper in love with our little treasure.
(And don't think we don't see the glee in that gorgeous little face when you realize that all eyes are on you!)
Elegant Lady Looking Down

You are, by far, the icing on the cake of life!

*Thank you for sitting still for the 5 minutes before our guests arrived on Easter to let me capture the beauty that is you!

It's Black and White Wednesday!
To see some great images from some fantastic photographers,

click on over to The Long Road to China

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  1. You got that right! Sheer perfection! And now I must hide this post forever before Linhsey sees that bunny.

  2. You definitely went to the extra special pool and double dipped with your two beauties.

    We are in the snuggle stage two, and I don't have to be asked twice to dive in and cuddle.

    Where did you get a stunt bunny for Easter....was he/she a guest or is that a new resident in the House of Dita?

    It took you only 5 minutes to get all these wonderful shots - oh I just give up.

    Love Valerie

  3. I think lavender just may be her color!! And what a beauty she is!

    Adorable bunny too. :)

  4. Gorgeous! Her little gloves are just too cute and that bandaid just compliments the little girls she is...they can have them too. What a fun session...sometimes the quick ones work out the best, don't they?

  5. Oh my gosh, these have to be my favorite pictures of her EVER. Seriously, SO gorgeous!! Love the soft colors and the oh so perfectly coordinated band-aid. Sheer perfection my friend!!

    SO wishing we were coming up this weekend to join in the fun. Already counting down to seeing you in July!!

  6. She is ADORABLE! And I love those colors.

  7. Audrey Hepburn. That's who she is!!! So elegant and serene with a little perky on the side.

    LOVE these shots you "grabbed" in 5 minutes before your guests arrived. I can't imagine them more perfect.

    And the bunny. I need the story behind that bunny.

    Love you!!!

  8. How you managed to get all those beautiful photos in 5 minutes! She is just precious to pose and be such a good model! Sign her up with Donna Baldwin (Elite doesn't sign children)!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  9. I loved this post - both the photos and the words paint a gorgeous picture of your 'Little Miss' :)

    She is a beauty!! (and is that your bunny? cute!)

    xo ellie

  10. Oh my God these pictures are GORGEOUS!

  11. She is truly a joy. I love what you wrote about her. I was enchanted.

  12. This has Pretty Woman written all over it....... LOVE this series of photos! The hat and the dress are almost as exquisite as Sweetie!



  13. She and these photos are perfection Dita!!!!


  14. Such a beauty...
    Hope John is doing well.
    I miss not staying in contact better. My bad. My loss.