Sew Many Things Sew Little Time

Sometimes we get so bogged down in what we insist
in our own minds must be; that we become prisoners of our own makings
in rigid, regimented black and white worlds with

Sew Stripes Thread JRR
the only variation being the stages of gray in between.

Sew Stripes Thread JRR
We fail to see the beauty in the details, the LIFE that is in the colors
that lie upon the spectrum of what we often call
"too much to do" or "overwhelming."

We can map it out, plan and choreograph it...
but in the end, it is the haphazardness of how it actually comes together
that makes the moments unique...

Sew Stripes Thread JRR
rather than our relying upon expectations, achieving precision and striving for absolutes.

Savor the randomness in the carefree moments that cause you to take pause;
realizing that you are, in very large part, master of your own destiny.

Sew Stripes Thread JRR
Cherish your unique role in thinking outside the box;
venturing out of your comfort zone as you take chances
that others might not be so willing, apt or able to do.

Sew Stripes Thread JRR

And revel in the courage you have to live LIFE OUT LOUD...

Sew Stripes Thread JRR
In TECHNICOLOR, exactly as you were meant to.

Lisa & Reagan are FINALLY home
and it's Black and White Wednesday!

To see some fabulous images, click on over to


  1. Such a beautiful post! Both words and pictures.

    Erika B

  2. Wonderful pictures and words, the story unfolding drew me in!
    Your pictures over at Long Road to China are stunning! (and the post reminded me of jet lag too).

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. You truly have such an amazing way with words. Love this post! I also love these pictures in b&w. They do show the beauty in the details perfectly.


  4. these are beautiful, I love the black and white and your words are perfect.

  5. Hey Dita!!!!

    You did a FABULOUS job on Lisa's homecoming photos! What a blessing for her to have yet another wonderful photographer helping her to record her journey!!!!

    I loved this post!!! You are so talented!

    Hugs from MN,

  6. Yes my dear! Words to live by - did you copyright them? 'Cause I may have to write them down in lipstick on my "vanity" mirror!!

    Great images to match. (What cool thread spools - and what fun toys too.)

    (A bientot...sorry, no accents.)

  7. Love each picture and each and every word! Perfect post! Thank you Dita for capturing a wonderful homecoming of Lisa and Reagan! Beautiful!!

  8. This post hit home today, Miss Dita!! Loving the photos, but more importantly, loving the words that go with them!!

    Does this also mean that we're goign to be seeing colors in your wardobe soon??? ;o)

  9. I love it!!! The last pic was my favorite. Your talent is like no other, my friend...wow! Still waiting for Dita's Darlings Magazine to arrive in my mailbox....
    Luv ya!

  10. I love every detail....thanks for sharing!

    it's my first time to join! mine is up as well.
    Black & White Wednesday

    btw, have followed your blog.

  11. Love the strip leggings. I love both color and black and white they each provide a different prospective.

  12. Each and every one of these shots is just fantastic! So nicely done.

  13. Love your writing!! And these pictures are so much fun...I often forget to take these normal everyday fun ones.

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The pictures and the message. And you, of course. :)

  15. What a great post Dita!

  16. Such a great post Dita, and as always, incredible photos! I so enjoyed your previous post and the pictures with Lisa and Marla, you guys seem to share a special bond, I was curious how ya'll know eachother??