Maison Malfara

I'm tellin' ya right off....this is going to be a serious teaser post.
You're not going to be happy.
Heed my warning 'cause I'm not kidding.

Now, don't get me wrong; you're gonna love these pictures of our visit to Quebec to see Wanda and her Lovelies. The problem is, I love these pictures so much and there are more than 500 of them that I took in a little over 2 days. Well, let's just say, the editing, organizing and posting really needed to be done by a team of professionals....not me with JR and the kids at my feet after what now seems like the longest days since its dark when I get home from work. Yes, a team dedicated to photos would be nice.

However, I don't have one...so each one of my photos will be lovingly touched by me...to see if it passes muster for the slideshow I'm making for Wanda.
These are cherished the moments I've been spending going through every picture to remember each unique little detail of Maison Malfara and its very special inhabitants.

To say we had a wonderful time is an understatement.
To say we all had trouble saying good-bye a week ago Saturday,
really doesn't do our trip justice.

Here are a few photos capturing the flavor of our trip...
beware....you are about to enter into the Lovefest Zone...
which spares no adult nor child.

Yep.....you've been warned.

I assure you, though, MANY more wonderful photos of our very special trip are to follow in the next few days so stay tuned!

(oh, and don't bust my chops about Black and White....if you notice, no self respecting member of either family had the nerve NOT to wear black and white the entire weekend at Maison Malfara....so THERE'S your black and white...!)




Wanda Girls BW WM




  1. First off.. may I say that I just LOVE how you write. I feel like I am sitting beside you having a cup of coffee. : )

    I look forward to seeing the rest of the pics but...
    I must say, these are beautiful. That cat one is stunning and the lighting on the second to last one... with your daughter's face and Wanda's oldest (?) is just lovely.

    Well done, my friend!

  2. I am so glad you had a wonderful time : ) I have loved every smile and every moment you have shared so far. Magically fun!

  3. Each photos is BEAUTIFUL!! You guys look as though you had the most amazing time together. No need for the warning...thanks for sharing!

  4. Hmmmm....I'm just languishing here - in all the memories. You make ME want to visit Maison Malfara. They do seem like lovely folk (lol).

    (Hey, in the time it would take to go through your 500 pics - you could drive up here again and we could tackle them together (over a bottle of someum'.)

    Love you girl!!!

  5. I love your entry and writings. Your photography are equally beautiful and smart. great shots


  6. Such beautiful subjects :)

  7. They are all fine photos, but I really want to be that cat (and I'm not a cat person). That is one feline who's feeling fine.

    Don't kill yourelf trying to perfect the memories you've already preserved. Remember a few years ago, you'd still be waiting to pick them up at the drug store and shuffle through them one by one.

    Next time you get together it should be a rainbow theme and really shake things up a bit for all of you lover's of black - the anti color.


  8. Beautiful photos! What a special time! (oh no, you are right....I bet you have tons of great photos in the 500!). Ditto - love the way you write...

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  9. These are wonderful Dita!!! I'm so happy you had such an amazing time visiting Wanda and her crew. I couldn't imagine you having anything but a blast with them.

    I love the one you took of Wanda and her girls. You can just see all the love bursting out of Wanda in the them.

    I can't wait to see many more in the coming days.


    p.s. I'm so happy we're finally going to meet. Can't wait til the weekend!

  10. So beautiful! The photos really show happy times.

    Erika B

  11. Hey Girl!!!! I can't wait to see more!! What a beautiful friendship you have with the very beautiful Wanda!
    And, can I just say her children are PRECIOUS... Girl, you have such a gift.... I wish you would write a book for all of your girlfriends!!

    Hugs from snowy MN!

    P.S: Jump over to my blog and see if you can find something you "need" to help an orphan today! This is the foster program I volunteer for, and that took care of my precious girl for a few months and her BFF for almost 3 years!!

  12. Are you sure you need a team of professionals..because I think you could teach them a thing or two..your pictures just ooze talent, and grace..Looks like HAPPY memories were made:)

  13. Another beautiful post filled with stories of love and joy! The photos each speak volumes of what love can do in the hearts of His children!


  14. Hi Dita!
    What a nice trip this must have been and yours and Wanda's kids are gorgeous! Great pics!!

  15. Gorgeous shots.....and wonderful memories for both families!

  16. What a fun trip!! I can about imagine the awesome pictures you captured and can't wait to see them. No black and white needed...I love the ones you did!!

  17. Beautiful! I know that Mrs. Malfara is a hoot on her own, so I can imagine what the rest of the Malfara crew are like :) And add the Darlings to the mix, well...I'm sure it was a love and laugh fest indeed!

  18. Hi...'s me. Back again to get my mid morning Dita fix.

    And I can't get over that first shot of Dahlia and WB. "Joy overflowing" and the "Cat who swallowed the Canary". Just look at those two. My, but they were obvious!!!I can almost hear bells.


  19. what gorgeous photographs, I love your black and white especially

  20. Gorgeous pictures (And subjects)! You tell the story so beautifully...I too feel like I am there experiencing it with you! Sounds like you had a fantastic visit!!!
    Miss you!!

  21. GORGEOUS PICTURES of some seriously beautiful people:) I know you had a wonderful, fun filled weekend with Wanda and her family and it certainly shines through in these lovely photos!!!

    I am sure you can't wait to do it again soon. It looks like the kids had such a great time!

    Hope you have a great day and looking forward to seeing you and Grace this weekend:)



  22. Dita, Dita, Dita...

    Didn't you know that you ARE the professional? Not only are your photos fabulous....you write from the heart with genuine love. That is what I love about you! You are real. Anyone that can call you friend is blessed.

    It looks like an amazing weekend filled with memories... I can't wait to see more!

    I wonder what that beautiful cat could tell us? :)

    Love to you...

  23. How fun!!! Can't wait to see more!

  24. Wonderful! I'm anxiously awaiting more ; )