Gingerbread Memories

On Saturday we went to a House Party.


It was just for kids.
At a very lovely place.


WonderBoy and Sweetie were given a chance to go to town and be creative on their own.


They had lots of containers of candies for decorating
(and eating along the way)
and oodles of royal icing.

They served eggnog, hot chocolate and donuts to fill
the tummies of the young gingerbread house decorators.




Though they love hot chocolate, my kids REALLY love
Shirley Temples and they each just had to have one to keep their energy up!

The relationship with Shirley goes WAY back to my own childhood with my brother.

He and I slurped down our share of of them in
in that very dining room where my children now sit.

Little has changed at that place despite the 30+ years that have come and gone.


It still feels like home there and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share the experience with my own children.

These are the memories that last a lifetime.

WonderBoy did his best to help his little sister but she wasn't havin' any of it.
She cried and howled when he so much as moved a gumdrop or worse; stole one of her candies from her basket for his own gingerbread house.

I guess doing a While You Were Out makeover for her would be out of the question.

I watched them together and took comfort in knowing that
long after those gingerbread houses are gone, they will still have one other.



And the sweet memories of Christmas' past will live forever in their hearts.



  1. Hey, those came out pretty darned good. Artistic talent must run in the family.

    You are a leader when it comes to creating memories.

    I may have to falisify some documents and do some creative writing and photoshopping to catch up on what I've already missed out on.

    Before their official RAM fully downloads.

    Love V

  2. The houses are beautiful....they did a really great job!! You should see the one Sarah did...... She would not let ANYONE help and had a mind of her own when it came to decorating. Let's just say, I don't think she will be getting A's in art class....LOL!!!

    It looks like you all had a fabulous time.....Merry Christmas to you all:)

    Love and Hugs to you, John and your sweet kids!!


  3. What an absolutely magical place (e-mail me where you are).

    Your pictures are great, girl. I love the angles and view and the focus. Really nice.

    You really do focus on what's really important. Creating memories to last a lifetime and re-living some of your own.

    Enjoy it all, Dita!

  4. How fun!! I wish we did some of that growing up. I love how SP is very specific about her gingerbread house. Just like her momma! :o)

  5. I love this post!!! How fun that you get to share in your own childhood memories with your children...and what beautiful gingerbread houses!!!!
    Merry Christmas sweet friend!!!

  6. Wonderful Christmas memories in the making. And such a yummy task too!
    I hope no one had a tummy ache..... just too tempting.
    Enjoy your weekend; the Christmas holiday of joy and love seems to be every day with your family!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  7. What a wonderful Christmas time memory for your precious ones and for mama too! :)

    I absolutely love the pics...as always...