A Decade with Santa

My Beautiful Boy
10 Years Ago
(with the real Santa!)

Where does the time go?

Merry 10th Christmas, WonderBoy!


  1. Love it! We do that too. Our mantle is covered with pictures of the kids with Santa. There is even on of me and Santa when I was a girl.

  2. Oh how adorable!!! It does go quickly, doesn't it? Where did our babies go?

    Hope you have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. What an adorable baby pic with Santa! I just love your Wonder Boy... how he doesn't mind his pic with Santa. My son stopped years ago and it makes me sad. Lauren will have nothing to do with Santa and Mia Hope has followed her lead. All I have pics of is a screaming one year old on Santa's lap and none since. My favorite thing about pulling out the Christmas decs are the pics of my children when they were small. Bittersweet...

    Wonder Boy was just as handsome as a baby as he is now!

    Christmas Blessings!

  4. What a beautiful baby and all grown up so handsome.

    Your question is a good one. Oh, to stop that racing clock.

  5. What a cutie pie :0) BTW, that Santa looks pretty good! Where did you take that picture?

  6. Dita,
    Thank you for the beautiful card! Had to stop by and say Hi. Your children are precious....

    Are you adopting from China?
    We are and are waiting for our TA for Jon Jon. We hope to be traveling in Feb.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Terminally adorable. He was just born that way and stayed that way.

    One is never to grown up to belive in Santa.

    Love you.


  8. What adorable pictures : ) time does fly by way too fast...it's like you turn around and they are off to college....enjoy every moment...the bad the good and the ugly : )
    Love ya girlfriend {{{}}}}

  9. What an adorable photo of WB and the "real santa" Precious memories that seem like yesterday I am sure.

    Merry Christmas my friend!!!



  10. Oh My Goodness! The first photo is the best baby & Santa picture I have EVER seen! What a beautiful, happy boy - and yes THE REAL Santa!