Poor Kiddie, Poor WonderBoy

Oh, What A Night

WonderBoy was having so much fun at Grandpa's house tonight. We all had dinner there with my sister and her husband. My brother-in-law loves to horse around with him and chase him around the place as WonderBoy squeals in delight. Grandpa is a big jokester, too, and never tires of a good game of "keep away".

Well, tonight Kiddie got caught in the crossfire. The guys thought it would be fun to toss Kiddie around a la Monkey in the Middle while WonderBoy tried to save him. They went too far and Kiddie wound up getting helplessly tossed to the floor.

Poor WonderBoy just couldn't handle it. As big as he is getting he's still just a little boy and Kiddie is sacred to him. He picked Kiddie up from the floor clutching him and ran off to the living room. JR went running after him because only Papa could know how hard his son was hurting. WonderBoy was sobbing. JR scooped him up in his arms and carried both WonderBoy and Kiddie back to the kitchen...making everyone apologize for putting Kiddie in harm's way. The culprits apologized and WonderBoy began to bandage up his "son" through his tears.
Lots of scotch tape and napkins later....here is Kiddie all bandaged up.

and then all was right in WonderBoy's world!


  1. Poor, poor Kiddie. The Tongginator would freak if anything happened to her Doggy. Glad everyone survived.

  2. I'm so glad that everyone including Kiddie are OK. Kiddie sure looks well taken care of!

  3. We all need a Kiddie in our life! This post is precious. Your family and you are just beautiful people. Every one of you has the prettiest and most gentle eyes.

  4. Poor Kiddie! Good thing Papa was able to save the day :-)

  5. I have a little girl who has a lovey named Baby. She loves her like your son loves kiddie. I love the idea of caring for your son by bandaging kidde all up so he could heal. sweet story.
    ps thank you for letting me know you stopped by. :)

  6. Dita, only you could take pictures of a bandaged bunny and make them look like art. :) Lady, you got talent and then some!!

    I just love your sweet, sensitive Wonder Boy... I love that he loves Kiddie so much.

    Many hugs and love to you!