Lucky Lady

Although both of my babies were sick and stayed home today while their Papa and I went to work in shifts;

Although there were at least 6 loads of laundry to do from the evil middle of the night stripping of the beds and pajamas dance that said "sicknesses" usually bring;

Although I nearly fell asleep during my afternoon meeting at work today in a room full of people;

Although it was only 15 degrees when I stepped out of our little infirmary and into the bitter cold air this morning;

I heard from lots of friends and family both near and far today congratulating me on making it another year;

Mom brought by a lovely dinner from her favorite Italian restaurant;

Dad sent me a very sentimental note;

I received the longest stemmed pink roses ever from my dear friend in the UK and a very special box from the NYC Trio (mmm good things come in small packages!);

I officially ditched the diet for the evening and ate some of my favorite snack chips and a piece of carrot cake;

My children ran to the door when I arrived home;

My darling husband had them sign and kiss a card for me (they raided my lipstick and smooched the daylights out of that card!);

I spent the evening in my sweats just relaxing and feeling the warmth of our cozy little home;

I had the privilege of seeing Tina's face for the first time and began to hope for her;

I cuddled my kids to sleep and listened to them breathe (that peaceful sound I love so much).

It was in those quiet hours that I reflected on years past, how time truly does fly and then looked in the mirror and welcomed the passing of yet another year and the beginning of this new one ahead of me wondering where it will take me.

I realize more each day that wasting time worrying about the things that don't matter only zaps the energy from the things that do.

The number means nothing....I am a Fire Horse. I am happiest when I am galloping freely. I have only just begun to hit my stride!

I am one Lucky Lady!


  1. Happy Birthday Dita, ( a little late)! Sorry about your kids being sick but it sounds like you still had a wonderful day. Age is just a number...I am 49. Can't believe I'm 49, most days I fell like I'm 16 still. And you are right, you're just beginning to hit your stride.


  2. Happy Birthday my friend!! So it wasn't the perfect day, but at least it was a special one.....hope the kids are feeling better!

    Enjoy your weekend!