Darling Tina

Welcome, Tina...welcome to our hearts, our thoughts and our dreams for you.

You and each of your Starfish brethren are very, very special. We are so looking forward to watching you grow under the expert care, affection, love and compassion of Amanda and her staff.

We pray that your forever family will arrive very soon to bring you home and that your life will bring you only peace, joy and happiness from today forward.

Know this, little one...you are beautiful and you are loved from here to China and back again!


  1. Thank you Dita for supporting little Tina. You are making such a difference in her life.

  2. Thank you for stopping by.
    Your children are beautiful and I love the wedding pictures!
    Just Gorgeous!
    I love Amy Eldridge(author of the lettr in the blog) and her organization. Whenever she writes a letter or an article I take note. She is a smart cookie.