The Darlings on Easter Morning

No matter how old my Darlings get 
they love the colors, tastes and the certain sweet treats 
that accompany their breakfast on Easter Morning.



  1. Happy Easter to your darlings. I am glad you had a colorful and bright easter morning. So much beauty in your home and on your table. So much beauty in their smiles. So much love. You make me thankful!

    Can you believe I had to work Easter morning? Bright and early at the hospital. It was a busy day. And then, when I got home, I had to dash over to a family home that I have been shooting for the past 4 years on Easter. I have gotten so close to them that as the grandmother has been in the hospital in these past months I have been visiting. I know her time to leave us is quickly approaching so I am thankful I could take their family pictures with her in them on Easter. I didn't feel like I was working. I felt like I was loving a family I love almost as much as my very own.

    I love Easter because I love that we make time for Jesus in this craziness of life. I also love that Spring is sure to follow as soon as Easter passes by. Spring is niceness times one thousand.

    I hope you have a blessed weekend with all of your darlings.

    Much love to one of the loveliest girls I know.

  2. Ahhh.....all is well with the world. A post from our Darlings!!!

    Love these beautiful, precious moments captured at a magical time we will always treasure. One day we will share a special time like this....for real....together. Love you all!!!